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No. Boric Acid and Borax are different things. You can derive Boric Acid from Borax though.

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Q: Can you use boric acid in place of borax 4 treating scabies with same affect?
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How is boric acid manufactured?

boric acid can be prepared by treating borax Na2B4O7 with H2SO4 or by passing SO2 through colemanite Ca2B5O11

Is boric acid power the same as borax?

No. Boric Acid is B(OH)3) and borax is Na2B4O7·10H2O.

Difference between borax boric acid?

No. No difference. Boric Acid is actually in a powder form.

Is borax and boric acid the same?

No, they're not the same.However, they're not that different. Borax is just the sodium salt of boric acid.

What produts have boron in them?

boric acid,borax,pyrax

Is borax and boric acid used as a wood preservative?

Yes, reportedly commercial borate wood preservatives are a mixture of borax and boric acid in proportion 1,54:1.

What do u need to make borax?

"Borax" is actually a trademarked name of a detergent that is based on boric acid.

Why does borax make fire green?

It's actually not borax, but boric acid. Borax is a type of soap. The mixing of boric acid and "Heet" which is a type of anti-freeze, produces a chemical reaction when lite on fire. I don't know the EXACT reason why.

What is the meaning of borax?

A mineral and salt of boric acid, mainly used for fertilisers.

How do you make borax out of boric acid?

There are five steps on how to make Borax out of Boric Acid. Some of the step-by-step instructions are dilute 25 mm of Hydrochloric Acid with 75 mm of distilled water, put 7g of Borax into a beaker, and then pour in 20 mm of boiling water.

Is boric acid safe for storage of rice?

is boric acid/borax is safe in keeping pulses safe from insects in rainy season Type your answer here...

When litmus is added to a solution of borax it turns?

Blue because it contains boric acia