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I am not sure but have been reasrching all day, apparently l hear it works with cranberry juice or gatorade about 32 oz and 2 packs shake well, follow up with 32 0z of water and urinate and test your urine prior to the test it supposed to last 8 hours in your system. If it was me I would test this process days before and get a conclusion on how it works. Good Luck! cause one minute weed is legal and then its not, its all done to keep people from working, hell our fore farther of this great nation smoked the piece pipe before stealing this land from the indians ya know what I mean lol??

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How can you get a clean urine from heroin when i smoked it last night and got to give sample today?

how can i get a clean urine from heroin when i smoked it last night and hot to give urine sample today.

How long will surjell keep your urine clean?

I would say only for the second urine. Past that I wouldn't trust it. So if you don't get tested past that 2nd urine, then drink another pack of certo mixed with 64 oz. of water. And again the 2nd urine will be clean.

What is bland urinalysis?

A clean, unrevealing, urine sample microscopic examination.

How much water will dilute a urine sample?

well i read that in a pharma report that 1 goutlete of water can make the urine sample clean in the drug tests

How well does certo work for passing drug test?

Terribly. The idea is, if you take Certo you'll pee more, and this will dilute the drugs in your urine. The problem is, pectin pulls MORE drug metabolite out of your body into your instead of having a metabolite quantity in your urine that's too low to be detected, you wind up with more of it in your urine. Certo is for making jelly. Unless you want to do that, don't get Certo.

What technique is used to obtain uncontaminated urine sample?

Clean Catch or Catheter

How do you produce clean urine for a drug test?

Don't do drugs.

Is it true Amphibians produce far more concentrated urine than do reptiles?

the answer is... Yes eg if you took a sample of amphibian urine and a sample of reptile urine and put it under a microscope you would see that the cells change and the black dots in the amphibians urine sample are lighter than the reptiles

If you add vinegar to your urine sample will it be clean for a drug test?

No, if you try it then the testers will find that the sample is contaminated and you will fail your test automatically.

Fired for clean urine sample they said wrong color?

Yours was purple it should be yellow

Is certo good enough to use for a urine analysis test?

All Certo does is make you pee more. It doesn't have any real magic to it.

What causes the odor of a twenty four hour urine sample?

The bacterian fermentation produce ammonia.

How can you clean suboxone out of your system?

If you are trying to get a clean urine sample the best way is to drink lots of water to flush your system but if the test is soon then your best bet is to get a sample off someone else !

What will show on a 3 month urine sample?

If you haven't smoked anything for three months, you should be clean.

How much water it takes to have a clean urine sample?

a lot you would prolly want to drink atleast a gallon!

How do you pass a drug test using Certo?

using certo wich is an arthritis medicine will not help out in any way into blocking illegal drugs from showing in the urine analisis. But it sure makes your pee clear as water. true also. but the clear urine will also come up positive if the subject has used ilicit drugs. NO. your wrong. Certo is liquid pectin. used in canning. nothing to do with arthritis. It works if you use it properly and within the time makes your pee clear AND clean.

Can you pass a urine test mixing a clean sample with a dirty sample?

No. You can pass a drug test with certainty only by being drug free for thirty days or more.

How is a strep infection diagnosed from a urine sample?

Strep infection is not diagnosed from a urine sample.

Does certo gel and water clean your urine for a drug test?

Drinking a lot of water will help flush your system, but the only guarantee that drugs will not show up on a drug test is not to put them in your body.

Does bleach clean urine of heroin test?

If you mean would bleach remove heroin from a urine sample the short answer is no heroin is a drug not a bacteria or virus if bleach was added to urine it would definitely not take the heroin out of the urine if it were present.

Why is boric acid inside a urine sample bottle?

This is to preserve the urine sample until its tested.

Does caffeine clean THC out of urine?

It does not clean out urine.

Can certo help you pass a drug test?

Not really, no. Certo is a diuretic--it removes water from your body. Supposedly it reduces the concentration of drugs in your urine, but the only way it can possibly do this is to increase the amount of urine you produce. One of three things will happen if you take Certo. The first, if they're using those little dip stick tests--which most employers do NOT do anymore, especially places like Walmart and Home Depot; those companies send you to a lab for a real drug test--is the excess urination MIGHT lower the amount of metabolite in your urine and you'll pass. The second, which goes for both kinds of tests, is the Certo, while it's flushing the water out of your system, will flush metabolites into your urine--making you pee even hotter than you would have otherwise, and you'll fail bigtime. The third goes for companies that send you to a real drug lab. There are chemicals that are supposed to be in urine like creatinine. If you screw up your urine's delicate balance by taking Certo, the machine is going to look at your pee, think "there's supposed to be a lot more of this, this and that per milliliter than there actually is, which means you tampered with your sample, and the only reason you'd do that is if you'd been doing drugs"--and fail you. Certo is a REAL bad idea for trying to pass a drug test.

How would you test a urine sample for phosphate ions?

how would you test a urine sample for phosphate ions?

Is there a medical condition that causes a cold urine sample?

No. A cold sample is many degrees lower than body temperature, and there's no conceivable living person who could produce a sample that doesn't meet the temperature guidelines.