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It is not a good idea to ever take cocaine. Unless you have traveled back in time to the 1980's, in which case, go ahead. But I doubt you have.

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What happens when you drink alcohol while taking Plavix?

For some individuals, there can be further anticoagulant effects (e.g. further thinning of the blood),

Do you need injections while having braces?

You really dont need injections while getting braces OR having them :)

What the differences between cocaine and crack?

crack cocaine is a cooked and ricked cocaine. crack is smoked while cocaine is snorted

Does drinking vinegar clean your system of cocaine?

Sorry, not a chance if you have either a blood or urine test. Try not using for a while

Does cocaine affect treatment for gonorrhea?

You can not use cocaine while on treatment for gonorrhea.

Was Hitler addicted to cocaine?

While it is true that he used cocaine, it is not clear if he was an addict.

Does the male penis get errect while on crack cocaine?

Why, yes it does i have had the best sex of my life while on crack cocaine.

What is more injurious to health injection or tablets?

Injections are because they go straight into your blood stream, whereas tablets take a while to work in and break down.

How do you get a penis hard while on cocaine?

You probably can't. At least not the way you would like to. Cocaine is a stimulant, it is going to constrict the blood flow and to get an erection, the arteries need to relax to allow blood to get into the penis. Coke can be fun in the short term, but there can be no long term good come from it. Been there, done that.

What happens when you drink alcohol while on cocaine?

Together the alcohol and cocaine mix and form a deadly chemical

What is the differences between vaccine and injections?

Injections are given for treatment while vaccines are given to produce antbodies to protect the recipients from specific diseases

Is taking Methadone with cocaine harmful?

methadone can make you sleepy while cocaine is an upper i dont see a problem

Which type of diabetes needs insulin injections?

Both types of diabetes can require injections of insulin. Type 1 Diabetics need insulin injections, while Type 2 Diabetics usually do not. However, due to certain circumstances, Type 2 Diabetics do need insulin injections.

Can you take cocaine while taking naproxen?

naproxen won't make the cocaine kill you any faster than baseline.

Can you take phentermine and coumadin together?

Yes, you can. Phentermine acts as an appetite suppressant, while Coumadin is a blood thinning agent. The two drugs don't have any serious reactions, and they won't cancel each other out.

If you touch a baby while using cocaine will it effect them?

Babies tend to enjoy cocaine, but not as much as strippers do. Touch a stripper instead.

Will you get sick if using cocaine while on Suboxone?

No, you won't. You wouldn't even get sick if you took opiate drugs while on Suboxone (cocaine is not an opiate). What you can't do is the reverse -- take Suboxone while you're on opiate drugs. That will make you sick.

Can you take progesterone 17 injections while pregnant?

If they are prescribed by your physician to support your pregnancy.

Will cocaine in your system affect a hernia repair surgery?

Cocaine is a systemic vasoconstrictor, which means it can significantly increase one's blood pressure. Also, it can affect the heart, making it prone to arrythmia or cardiac arrest. It is very unsafe to have cocaine in the system while a patient is having any type of surgery, because it increases the operative risk (of bleeding, of a heart attack, or a stroke, of death).

What happens if you do cocaine while on anti-biotics?

You are being silly taking cocaine anyway but it will counteract against the antibiotics making them useless.

Can you take cocaine while on suboxone?

yeah you can. just don't over-do it.

Injections under the skin are called?

Injections just under the skin, so that you can see the needle while the medication is injected, are referred to as Intradermal. The PPD test for tuberculosis is administered this way. Injections administered into the layer below the skin are called subcutaneous. Insulin is administered this way. Injections which deliver medicine into a muscle are referred to as Intramuscular. Most immunizations are given this way, as are most antibiotic injections. Injections which deliver medicine directly into the bloodstream are referred to as Intravenous.

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