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Yes, data from Microsoft Excel can be imported and used by Microsoft Access.

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Q: Can you use data from Microsoft Excel as data to input into Microsoft Access?
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How do you input and manipulate the data entered into data management software P5?

you can input and manipulate data in microsoft excel. :) hope that helps, good luck!

What cell mean in Microsoft Excel?

Intersection of rows and columns is called a cell in excel and it is also a box in to which you input data.

What data types can be input into Microsoft Excel 2000 Spreadsheets?

text and numbers formatted in a variety of ways

What duties are incuded in a clinical data job?

The majority of the work is the input. You'll need to know how to use an Excel spreadsheet from Microsoft office to input data from the clinic you work for.

What can be a data source for a mail merge?

Tables in Word can be used. Microsoft Access Databases can be used. Microsoft Outlook contacts can be used. Data in Excel can be used.

What Microsoft office can you use to collect and track data?

You would probably be best to use Microsoft Access but you could also use Microsoft Excel, particuarly if there was a lot of numerical data.

When you data from Access to Excel a copy of the data is created in Excel?

You can copy data from Access and paste it directly into Excel. From a table or query, data can be selected and then copied and pasted into Excel. In that case, data changing in the original Access file will not change data in the Excel file. To do that there must be a link between the data. You can also import data from Access into Excel and from Excel into Access, again maintaining a link to the source if you want.

Can I copy Microsoft Access to Microsoft Excel?

You can copy data from Acess to Excel. Select your data and then do a copy. Go to Excel and do a paste. You can also export it so that it can be opened by Excel. You can also set up links so that if data is updated in one, it is updated in the other too. So the two applications can work together and data is interchangeable between them.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Excel?

There are so many advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft Excel. The main advantage is the fact that you can compute data easily and the downside is that if you input the wrong formula, it messes up the entire sheet.

Why would you interchange word access and Excel?

Because you want to use excel as input of data (for instance from different teams or users), access as database and word to create reports (by using templates and insert data via bookmarks).

Definition of Microsoft Excel?

microsoft excel is a spreadsheet application used for calculation and data analysis

What is Cell for excel?

the box into which you input data

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