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Can you use distilled water in a fish tank for fish and turtles?


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This is not possible as the required minerals essential for the growth of aquatic life would be absent.

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You should not use distilled water in a fish tank as it is missing vital minerals. Distilled water is basically water collected from steam

It is unwise to put any fish in with Amphibians or Reptiles. The water is poisoned by their excreta etc. and the fish will eventually be killed by the bad water if they are not eaten by the turtles.

The simple answer is No. Distilled water has had all the life giving impurities removed. Before using distilled water you would need to add specific quantities of minerals etc depending upon the species of fish you want to keep.

Not a good idea to, water in nature are rarely purely distilled, it contains salts, buffers and nutrients, etc. that the fish rely on. Plus, it would alter the pH, salinity, GH, etc.i If it is in a saltwater tank, it is a must. The optimum water would be reverse osmosis water. Distilled and RO water do not contain any phosphates, nitrites, nitrates, or any other bad things.

Any fish that is fresh water and bigger than the turtles mouth

i have a tank with 2 turtles and 12 fish, and they all get along very well. you need to find fish that are very like Danio's, and only get short fins fast and to turtles will end up stop trying to chase them all together.

No doubt they can live in a fish tank but it will certainly not do the fish any good. Turtles poo and piddle in the water and putrefy it making it deadly for fish to live in. They also bite chunks out of unwary fish. Please use your brains and don't try to mix Amphibians with fish. It can not and will not work in an enclosed aquarium.

Cloudy water is an indication of hard water and is therefore not adequate for fish, regardless of type. Try using distilled water or water fortified with specific minerals needed to allow your fish to survive.

Yes. Turtles are very fond of any fish. However, turtles should normally not be kept with fish. Turtles produce a large amount of waste, resulting in very dirty water, resulting in dead fish. I've kept a red eared slider with goldfish in a 55 gallon tank and had to change the water every two to three days, even with two filters. A very large tank (several hundred gallons) can be used to keep one or two turtles and some large fish that can take care of themselves.

No, not really, you need mostly water and a few rocks out of the water to bathe on, a big tank depending on how many turtles you keep, because they get BIGGER than you think they do! you also need a light and no other smaller fish with it.

turtles can live in a tank with an oscar if the turtle gets bigger then 4" stupid

120 gallons of distilled water weighs 960 pounds. The weight will be 960 pounds plus whatever the empty tank itself weighs.

Can I use soft water in a fish tank

a water tank is something fish go in.

Not necessarily. All distilled water is condensed water, but not all condensed water is distilled. Distilled water is obtained by boiling water and then condensing the steam using a distilling apparatus. Examples of condensed water could be distilled water, or the dew on your lawn in the morning, or the moisture on the outside of your toilet tank.

No, they will most likely eat your fish.

I think it depends on the species. I have had two small red-eared sliders and two rather large gold-fish (they look like koi) in the same tank together. You must make sure that the fish have enough room to swim comfortably and that the water is not too deep for the turtles. It worked for me but the turtles refused to go in the water because they were afraid of the fish.

Some people do not believe it but the best water to use in your betta fish tank is tap water. Bottled and distilled water has been "purified" and does not have the minerals that your Betta fish needs. If your tap water is so bad that you do not even drink it, than use spring water.

The goldfish need dissolved Oxygen in water, without it they will die. So, the answer to your question is No, Distilled water is not good for Goldfish.

You can make a Syrian hamster setup in a 10+ gallon fish tank. Make sure there is no water and that there is very soft bedding. You could also put various fish in your tank. The cool ones I think are the Angelfish, the Bettas, the X-ray Tetras, and the Neon Tetras. They need water and plants to swim around. You could put turtles in you fish tank. They need a very large tank though.

You can just use regular water. In the summer/warm weather, I clean my turtles' tank outside with my hose. I also use faucet water. If you'd like to know how I specifically clean my turtles' tank, please contact me or reply to this answer.

Fish tank because it is a salt water fish

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