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No, use distilled water.

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Q: Can you use drinking water in batteries?
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What do you use distilled water for?

Batteries, steam irons, car radiators, drinking.

Can you use purified water in batteries?

No, use only Distilled Water.

When shuold be added mixture water in batteries?

when batteries are new never use mixture water but when batteries become old and weak then you need to add mixture water

Can you use DI water in batteries?

Yes, you can use DI water or Distilled water but never use tap water.

How is the Mississippi used do people use it as drinking water or boats?

Obviously drinking water.

What is the best water for auto batteries?

always use distilled water

Can rain water be used in batteries?

No, only use distilled water.

Why is sea water unfit for drinking use?

Sea water is unfit for drinking because it is too much salty and is not pure for drinking

Can demineralized water be used for automotive batteries?

yes! Distilled water is what you should use. Never use tap water.

What kind of water do people use?

drinking water and rain water

What is a way we use water everyday?

By drinking out of water bottles and out of a water fountain.

How do killer whales use water?

By drinking it

Vw gti change battery water?

No, you don't ever change battery water. Batteries have hydrochloric acid in them, not water, even though you use water to top them off. Do not mess with the acid in your battery. You should always use distilled water to fill your batteries.

Why PVC pipes use for drinking water supply?

PVC pipes do not corrode, hence these are used for drinking water supply.

What is a sentence on drinking water?

Most people were drinking beer but John was drinking water.

Drinking water- should you use hot water tap?


Can you use demineralsed water for car batteries?

That is exactly what you are supposed to use in a battery. It is commonly called distilled water. Use nothing else.

Why the turbidity of drinking water is high?

Mine is OK. Check with your municipality. do like I do, use a Britta filter for drinking water and water used for cooking.

Can I use a kit to test residential drinking water?

How do I go about testing drinking water before buying a new house? Is there a kit I can use on the water myself or must I hire a professional service?

Can deionized and demineralized water be used to top up batteries?

Use only distilled water.

Where can get drinking water from?

you can get drinking water from a drinking fountain

Why is it important to recycle batteries properly or to use rechargeable batteries?

batteries contains materials that are toxic, or poison to humans and animals. the chemicals can contaminate landfills, which gets into the soil or in water.

What is the best water to use in fish aquariums?

Drinking water that you can buy from the store is fine or you can use tap water (if it is not harmful when you drink it) and use water conditioner.

What is the main use of fresh water in the world?


What happens when you use drinking water for plants?

they drink