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Can you use drinking water in batteries?


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No, use distilled water.

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Batteries, steam irons, car radiators, drinking.

No, use only Distilled Water.

when batteries are new never use mixture water but when batteries become old and weak then you need to add mixture water

Yes, you can use DI water or Distilled water but never use tap water.

No, only use distilled water.

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yes! Distilled water is what you should use. Never use tap water.

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No, you don't ever change battery water. Batteries have hydrochloric acid in them, not water, even though you use water to top them off. Do not mess with the acid in your battery. You should always use distilled water to fill your batteries.

That is exactly what you are supposed to use in a battery. It is commonly called distilled water. Use nothing else.

no. its as plain and simple as that

drinking from it , for electricity .

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you can get drinking water from a drinking fountain

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