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hmm.. well i used some on mine and it went red and itchy-ish. so i'd say no lol. dont take a chance, because iodized is too strong. u can get pre-mixed saline/rock salt water at chemist in a spray bottle. much easier. it has to be boling water becas it gets all the bacteria out and disolves rock salt but this has been boiled then cooled.

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Iodized Natural Sea Salt, NOT table salt. Use a small cup such as a shot glass, fill it 1/4 of the natural sea salt and the rest with fresh water. Lay down and hold the shot glass over the piercing for as long as you wish. (15 minutes) I reccommend .

Sea salt does not have iodine added to it. The only salt that has iodine in it says iodized, such as table salt.

You can use it once if you ran out of sea salt but you need to use sea salt. It's the best thing to use.

Sea salt can be iodized or uniodized depending on whether iodine has been added.

sea salt naturally contains iodine. Table salt is iodized to prevent goitre or enlargement of the thyroid gland.

If they comply with the law all types of table salt must be iodized.

No. Peroxide dries out your piercing so that it can't actually heal. Use sea salt soaks and clean it with a q-tip.Sea salt soak:1 cup water1/2 teaspoon non iodized sea saltBoil those together until you see no particles and then let it coolPut some of it in a spray bottle and some in a shot glass and hold that to your piercing for 15 minutes before bed.

The healthier salt is iodised; but the sea salt can be also iodised.

Sea salt and iodized salt are both sodium chloride. Sea salt also contains small amounts of other minerals such as magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate and calcium sulfate, which are nutritionally insignificant. Iodized table salt is a good source of iodine, sea salt often is not. Nearly all salt is kosher, including ordinary table salt.

Pure table salt is sodium chloride - NaCl. Iodized salt is table salt containing potassium iodide or iodate.

With any piercings I have had, I use sea salt to get rid of the infections. My belly button ring and nose ring had gotten pretty infected, and this seemed to work. You can buy sea salt at pretty much any grocery store, and its not expensive at all... Good luck with that!! But you have to make sure the sea salt is non-iodized sea salt. Iodized sea salt may have other added chemicals or materials that may be harmful to an open wound.

DO NOT PICK IT OFF WITH ANYTHING BUT WATER. when your in the shower then put your face in the water and the crusties should come off. when not in the shower use a sea salt solution. get non iodized sea salt and a warm cup of water put a teaspoon of the sea salt in it and mix it and dip a q-tip in and lightly move the crusties from around your lip piercing. If your talking about a healing piercing this is what you should do.

Salt is extracted from mines or sea water, sometimes refined and iodized.

A person can get iodine in a variety of ways. Iodine can be absorbed in the body by consuming sea vegetables. A cheaper alternative would be to consume iodized sea salt.

You have to be careful what you wash your navel piercing with. Although I don't know what Himilayan Pink Crystal salt is, it's probably best not to use it. Sea salt is recommended. NO TABLE SALT! And in the shower you can use a soap like provon.

I'm not sure quite what you're trying to ask, because table salt generally is iodized salt. In any event, salt is iodized not for any reason to do with cooking or baking, but because of people's nutritional needs. That means you can substitute sea salt, iodized salt, non iodized salt, etc. all for each other in both cooking and baking. You probably get plenty of iodized salt through processed and canned goods, fast food, etc. so don't worry on that score.

Yes. Natural sea salt. Table salt can have things added to it and that can be bad for the piercing. Its just the safest bet :)

It's the process if healing. If you clean with sea salt (which you're suppose to) it's just drying it out. Nothing to worry about.

1. Rock salt in the mine or sea water hasn't iodine. 2. Iodized table salt has 20+/-5 mg iodine/kg of salt, as potassium iodide or iodate.

The same solubility, only granulation is important..

sea salt water is good but only the can spray from a piercing shop

Iodized salt is not an element, but a mixture of compounds. There is the 'normal' sea salt, mainly NaCl and some smaller amount of natural minerals. Iodine is added to the table salt usually in the form of potassium-iodide, as it is essental for humans.

Iodine is an essential nutrient. Some specialty salts like sea salt do not contain iodine.

You don't want to put Epsom Salt OR table salt on ANY piercing. They contain sugar and will cause infection. The ONLY thing to put on a fresh piercing is SEA SALT. Using 1/4tsp of sea salt with 8oz. of warm water, and soak the piercing for about 10 minutes twice a day. It is the best thing to help heal your piercing. When you are in the shower, use Dial soap to clean it also. But sea salt soaks are amazing for helping heal a piercing.

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