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Can you use it on your mustache?

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can you use what on your mustache

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What is the use of mustache?

there really isn't a use for the mustache. the mustache that grows do to hormone growth and maturity. there was a study one time that said a mustache can filter dust from. going into your mouth. but really its just a growth of haier growing ....

Did Hitler have a mustache?

No. He refused to use napkins while drinking his hot cocoa and that smudge was often mistaken for a mustache.

What can you use to bleach a mustache with out hair dye?


How do pickles grow a mustache?

Dip them in mustache juice.

What is 'mustache' when translated from English to Italian?

"Mustache" in English is baffi in Italian.

How do you use the mustache in a sentence?

Big mustaches are symbol of muscularity in rajasthan

How do you use the word mustache in a sentence?

Earl Hickey has a thick moustache.

What do girls do if they have a mustache?

Bleach it, wax it, have laser hair removal use an epilator, or use a cream.

Which king on playing cards does not have a mustache?

On a Royal deck:King of Clubs: mustache, yesKing of Spades: mustache, yesKing of Diamonds: mustache, yesThe King of Hearts doesn't have a mustache.

What is a mustache ride?

Well my manswer is... That a mustache ride is when u got a thick mustache and u go down on a women. They like it because the mustache tickles her. A super Mustache Ride is when u pierce your tongue and have a mustache cause it doubles the pleasure.

Does Mr.Noodle from Elmo have a mustache?

Yes,he has a mustache.

How do you say mustache in Hebrew?

Mustache is 'Safam' in Hebrew

Does noble 6 have a mustache?

Do you have a Mustache? If Yes: Yes If No: No

Did Moses have a mustache?

According to tradition, he had a beard and mustache.

What is a mustache man?

a mustache man is a man with a lot of hair

Does Drake Bell have a mustache?

yes drake bell does have a mustache

How do you spell mustache?

The spellings are moustache or mustache (US variant).

Does Barack Obama have a mustache?

No, Barack Obama does not currently have mustache.

How to make Abraham Lincolns mustache?

Abe did not have a mustache, he had a beard.

How do you get mustache in Plants vs Zombies?

You just have to type in mustache.

What is a sentence using the word mustache?

I combed my mustache after my shower.

Did Thomas Edison have a mustache?

No Thomas Edison didn't have a mustache

What can you use to bleach a mustache with out bleach or hair dye?

Jolen! It can be bought from Superdrug or Boots.

How can you get rid of a girl mustache and unibrow?

You can wax it or use facial hir remover creams

Will taking vitamin H make you grow a mustache?

No, if you take vitamin H it will not make you grow a mustache. Growing a mustache has to do with your hormones.