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You can only mortgage your own interest in the property. Generally, the lender requires that all owners consent to a mortgage so that in the case of a default, it can take possession of the property by foreclosure. Therefore, it is likely the lender will require that the other owners join in the mortgage.

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In a bank cash loan can land be collateral?

Yes, land can be used as collateral. However, you will have to sign over your deeds, and provide information of how much the land is worth.

Can you use farm land as collateral?


What Land is owned by France and urgel?

The land owned by France and Urgel is Andorra.

Was Alaska's land was once owned by Russia?

yes Alaska's land was once owned by Russia. yes Alaska's land was once owned by Russia.

Who owned most of the land in Europe by the beginning of the Middle Ages?

samurai men usually owned land samurai men usually owned land

Who owned land before the US of The Louisiana Purchase?

The French owned all that land

What country owned the land west of the 13 colonies?

France owned the the land at the time

What can be offered as collateral for commercial lending?

"Commercial loans typically use commercial real estate as collateral. A business could offer land, buildings, company vehicles, or equipment as collateral on their loan."

Who owned Texas?

The land was originally owned by Spain.

What are the minimum requirements for a student loan?

collateral like house or land

In 1763 the British owned land mostly in the north and?

The British owned land mostly in the north and east.

What Estate owned most of the land?

3rd estate owned land 70% during french revolution

Why did colonist and Americans Indians disagree about who owned the land?

why did colonist and american idian disagree about who owned the land

What is the percent of land owned by the state of Az and the percent of land owned by federal in AZ?

According to the figures I found, 48.1 percent of the land in AZ belongs to the Federal Government. 15 percent is privately owned land.

Who owned first owned the land in Israel perspective?

The Palestinians.

Who administers and manages land ownership in China?

China has dual land tenure system. Land ownership is separate from land use rights. Land ownership is divided into two categories: state-owned land and collectively owned land. In other words, the land is either owned by the state or the collective economic organization ("CEO"). For the State-owned land, or state land, the State Council, the executive branch of the central government of China, administers state land on behalf of the state. For the collectively owned land, or collective land, it is operated and administered by rural collective economic organizations ("CEO") or villagers' committees; if land is respectively owned by two or more rural CEOs within a single village, it is respectively operated and administered by CEOs or villagers' teams; and if land is collectively owned by farmers of the CEO of townships, it is operated and administered by the CEO of townships.

What were peasants who owned land called?

Peasants who owned land were called yeomen.Another word for a peasant who owned land was franklin. This was a usage in the Late Middle Ages, however, and the term originally simply meant freeman, or a peasant who was not a serf, regardless of whether he owned or rented the land.Another useful word to know is freeholder, who was a person who owned land, as opposed to a copyholder, who rented with a lease.

What are the largest cities in Samoa?

Samoa has 2 major cities if you call them that; Apia and Salelologa. They are more like towns. There is Apia, the capital in the island of Upolu. Apia the capital is not to be confused with Apia the village. There is a village called Apia within Apia the capital. For the purposes of this answer, we are talking about Apia the capital. Population is around 50,000 according to wikipedia. Interestingly, Apia the capital, does not have a central adminstrating council / municipal government. It is composed of a mixture of freehold land and traditional villages on traditionally owned land. Freehold land is land which you buy and sell. It the same as the concept of land ownership in Western countries. You can take freehold land to the bank as collateral to make a loan. Traditionally owned land is another thing altogether. Traditionally owned can not be sold or purchased. So it cannot be used for collateral. Traditionally owned land is under the authority of chiefs and village councils of that village. The combination of freehold and traditionally owned land makes it very difficult to do any town planning in Apia. Although recently, the government with assistance from the Australian Government is looking at the issues of managing Apia as a city. Then there is Salelologa in the island of Savaii. Salelologa is the biggest commercial center in Savaii. It is much smaller than Apia.

Which group believe that the land could be owned?

Europeans were one of the first groups to believe land could be owned with money.

Who owned all the land in new France?

The Compagnie des Cent-Associés owned all the land in France.

Is the Atacama Desert government-owned?

Yes, the majority of the undeveloped land in the Atacama is government owned.

What were large land owners?

large land owners owned large land

Who owned houses in the middle ages?

Members of the nobility owned the houses on their manors. The landed gentry was sometimes regarded as of the nobility, and sometimes not, but they owned land and the houses on it. There were a lot of small land holders who owned their own land, they are referred to as yeomen. In towns and cities, a lot of the housing was owned by landlords, who are probably best described as middle class. The Church owned a lot of land and the houses on it. Serfs and tenants, of course, did not own their houses.

What are deeded acres?

owned land

Who owned the Inca land?

The Incas.