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Q: Can you use liquid bandage on babies?
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Your 1 and a half yr old cut her finger can you use liquid bandage on cut?

You can use a non-toxic liquid bandage, such as Johnson and Johnson Band-Aid Brand Liquid Bandage.

Can you use liquid bandage in a nostril?

No because it blocks the airflow in your nose and that can kill you.

Can you use liquid bandage on warts?

no you cannot use bandages on warts because then, the bandage will have water on it and it will cause the wart to grow back most of the times.. so it is better not to put any bandages neither liquid bandages

What are the ingredients for liquid bandage?


Can liquid bandage be cleaned after being applied to an open wound?

Well on the bottle it says "to remove liquid bandage just apply more liquid bandage then rinse with water" So I would do that, clean your wound, then apply more.

Can you use liquid bandage on an animal?

Yes, a liquid bandage can be used to seal a minor wound on an animal. However, there are two major cautions when doing this. First, make sure the animal can't lick the bandage off - the bandage may not be healthy for them to eat and it will end up exposing the wound to all the bacteria in the animal's mouth. Second, animals tend to move a lot, so the liquid bandage is much more likely to break down than it would on a human (who presumably will keep from moving the area too much).

You got liquid bandage in your eye?

If you have gotten liquid bandage in your eye you should seek immediate medical attention. This could cause permanent eye damage.

What is another name for an Ace bandage?

There are a few names for an Ace Bandage and they are as follows; elastic wrap, compression bandage, stretchable bandage, pressure bandage and crepe bandage. The common use is to use them for muscle sprains and strains, by reducing the flow of blood to the area to reduce swelling at the place of injury.

How can you use word bandage in sentences?

I see that it is time to change your bandage. That bandage may not be large enough to cover your wound.

Can you use new skin liquid bandage on an eraser burn?

Yes, "New Skin" is designed to be used on minor injuries like small cuts and burns. If the area is larger, I'd recommend something like Neosporin ointment and a bandage instead, though.

May you use bandage in a sentence?

Yes.Ex:Hurry and bandage the cut before it bleeds too much!

The blank type of bandage can be dangerous if it is streched to tight but it is the easiest to use?

An Ace or elastic bandage can be dangerous if it is stretched to tight but it is the easiest to use.