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Many times you can; if it will fit without hitting the frame.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-25 17:11:53
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Q: Can you use more than one size of oil filter besides fram ph30 for your 1987 camaro lt w 305?
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What vehicle uses fram ca3901 air filter?

97 Camaro, Ram trucks, Jeeps, Mitsubishi truck

What size fram oil filter does a 2008 tundra 5.7 take?

Only place I know of to get an oil filter for the 5.7 besides dealer is NAPA. Fram also makes one for the 5.7.

What does Fram oil filter PH2964 cross to a purolator oil filter?

No Such Fram Filter

Need a cross reference oil filter from a AC PF51 to a fram filter?

Fram PH3387A or Fram TG3387A or Fram XG3387A

Will a FRAM oil filter ph3675 fit an 1987 cadillac seville 4.1l?

Yes it will fit

What is the fram filter equivalent of a 70185B?

There is a Fram filter which can be used to replace a 70185B. The Fram equivalent to use is the PH3614.

What is the Fram oil filter for a 2002 impala?

fram oil filter is 3387a

How to cross reference for pennzoil filter pz 21 to a fram filter?

That filter in Fram numbers is a PH3614.

Kawasaki oil filter 490652078 what is the FRAM oil filter number?

Fram filter number PH4967

What fram oil filter fits 17 hp kawasocki?

Hi, The FRAM filter for your application is PH4967. The FRAM team

What is a Fram filter equivalent to a mopar oil filter 5281090?

fram ph-16

Cross reference wix 51056 to fram oil filter?

what fram oil filter replaces a wix 51056

What other fram filter can be used instead of a fram 8172?

Fram PH10960

What is Fram oil filter number for a 2007 350z Nissan?

6607 fram filter number

Cross reference Kubota oil filter hh150 32094 to fram?

Fram filter PH3593A

What fram filter replaces 52114?

By my research, Fram does not make a replacement for a 52114 hydraulic filter.

Cross reference Kubota oil filter 70000-74034 to a fram oil filter?

PH359A Fram Filter.

Cross reference Kubota filter HHK20-36990 to a fram filter?

There is no fram filter for this number but wix # is 57088

What is the fram filter for napa filter 1056?

Fram Filters PH8172 & PH8170 Recommend Wix filter Part=51056

What is the fram oil filter cross reference for wix 51821?

Cross reference wix 51821 to framoil filter?Fram P5200

What does a fram 3960 oil filter fit?

The FRAM list says that is not a FRAM number

What is the fram oil filter cross reference for Napa 1798?

No way do you want to use a Fram oil filter. Use Napa, Purolator, Wix, Bosch, or other quality filter. Fram is not a quality filter.

Is there a Fram air filter cross reference for the Generac 0J8478 air filter?

What is the Fram air filter replacement for Generac air filter oj8478

What fram filter will replace wix 51243?

Fram = PH20

What is the Fram oil filter cross reference for a purolator oil filter L10028?

Fram PH 3614 Fram PH 966B Fram PH 2870A Wix WL 7142