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Yes, lighting and wall receptacles use 12/2 wiring. Put no more than 10 lights, or outlets, or a combination of both on one circuit. Outlets for the refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, whirlpool bath, dishwasher, and garbage disposal, should each be on a dedicated circuit all their own. Kitchens require two dedicated circuits for wall receptacles. Check you local area for any variations of these codes.

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Q: Can you use number 12 wire to run lights?
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Can you use number 14 wire to run lights?

Sure. As long as it is connected to a 15 amp circuit breaker. That is the normal gauge wiring for residential lighting. For commercial 12 gauge on a 20 amp breaker is normal.

Can you use 12-2 wire to wire 9 lights that are 240V on a 30A breaker?


Can you use armored cable to wire 277 volt lights?


Can you use a 20 amp breaker on lights?

Provided you use wire that is rated for 20 amps.

What gauge size wire to run a freezer?

12 gauge wire is used for household plugins, and 14 gauge wire is used for lights. So, 12 gauge is the size to use. But since a freezer has an electric motor, it is best to not plug anything else with a motor into the same circuit.

Are the lights people use today incandescent lights?

Yes, anytime your see a glowing wire inside the light it is an incandescent lightbulb

Is there a diagram of wiring two lights to one switch with the power at the light?

At the lights there is a black, white and bare wire from the supply. With power off you would break the black (Hot) connection at wirenut. Then you just need to run a wire to and from the switch. Assume you use standard Romex with black, white and bare wires. Connect the black wire to the black wire from supply. Connect the white wire going to the switch to the black wire going to lights. Wrap black electric tape around each end of white wire to show it is HOT. At the switch end connect the white wire to one lug on switch and black to the other. Connect the bare wire to ground on switch and at light to other bare wires.

What car lights do you use in the rain?

The ones that come with it You can use the fog lights for bad weather conditions but most people these days run the fog lights all the time, very inconsiderate.

Can you use 12 gauge wire for regular residential applications such as outlets and lights?

yes use 12 gauge for 20 amp or 15 amp outlets if you want to save money you should use 14 gauge for lights but never put 14 gauge wire in a 20 amp circuit.

What is use of alternators?

to run your lights and accessories and maintain your battery between starts.

What gauge wire is used to run smoke detectors?

14-3 Is the standard wire use for residental smoke detectors.

Can you use a 62 wire to run a 240volt 60 amp circuit in the USA?


Where is the Cold brake wire from brake switch 1996 Chevy pick up?

Use a test light One wire (hot) will illuminate The other wire (cold) goes to the brake lights will not illuminate

Install daytime running lights on Nissan Frontier?

If you cut the wire from the light switch to the frount running lights (single use light) you can then hook a new wire from a keyed power source (check manuel) and the running lights will come on every time you start the truck. costs $Priceless

How do you wire a series of recessed lights to a single switch when the power goes to the lights first?

The switch goes between the supply and the string of lights. If the supply is in a ceiling box you need to run a 3-wire cable from the switch to the ceiling box. Since your normal Romex cable for residential use has a black, white and bare wire you would use them as follows: At the switch connect black to one side of switch and white to other side.. Wrap black electric tape around white cable for 3 inches or so to identify it as a hot wire. Do the same at the ceiling end. In the ceiling connect one switch black wire to the supply black and the other pseudo black wire (White wire with tape) to the black wire on light fixture. Connect the supply white wire to the light white wire. Connect all bare wires together (ground). Connect bare wire at switch to green screw on switch.

Can you run 16 - 75 watt lights on 14 gauge wire using a 15 amp breaker?

To answer this question the circuits voltage must be stated. Find the total wattage of the lights, use the following formula. I = W/E, where W is the total wattage and E is the circuit's voltage.

How do you install fog lights to my 01' cavalier?

Fog lights use special brackets which sit recessed on a 2001 Chevy Cavaliers bumper. To install the fog lights mount the units into the bumper brackets. Then splice the fog lights into the existing wire harness. Use a switch if necessary.

Are fluorescent lights cheaper to run then incandescent globes?

Yes, they use less electricity.

You have 2 lights in your garage ceiling that you are trying to wire you find that one of the lights have a an extra wire RED Does this Red wire get combined with the Black or White wire?

If it is an extra wire, don't combine it with any. Cap it off by itself. Three conductor wire is intended for 3 way switches, or fan-light combo use. If that was three-way-ed through the light box, you'll have to ask the question differently.

How can you find the cold wire on a 1997 Chevy Tahoe brake light switch?

use an ohmmeter it will show the ground or a test light if it lights up it willl be the other wire

What kind of wire do you use for 120 volts and what amp breaker do you use?

#12/2wground & a 20 amp breaker should be enough for lights,receptales.

What size wire is required to run 40 amp 220V?

By considering the safety factor, it is better to use 6mm2 wire.Another AnswerIn the US, use 8 Ga, 3 conductor copper wire + ground for typical applications.

What lights can I use in case of an emergency?

There are numerous types of lights that can be used. Flashlights and the light sticks that can be cracked to release light can be used. Also solar powered lights, push button stick on lights, and lights that can be run off a generator are options.

Can you use a phone wire to run xbox360 live?

No. You need Broadband Internet and a Ethernet cord.

What size of wire do i need to use to run 100 ft?

Depends on the size of the circuit which you did not list.