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I think you can only if it is pure Orange Juice

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Q: Can you use orange juice as a substitute for orange zest?
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Can you substitute orange juice for apple cider?

Can u use orange juice instead of ape cider

What can you use to substitute milk in a cake recipe?

Orange Juice

How much orange oil do you use to substitute 1 tablespoon of orange zest?

Start with less than 1/8 tsp Orange oil is very strong

How much orange peel do you use to get the zest of one orange?

Use as much orange peel as is one one orange. You must zest the orange before removing the peel so it is stable enough to zest.

What is the difference between orange zest and lemon zest?

Aside from the obvious difference that they are different fruits; it's all about the flavour. If you want an orange flavour in your muffins use orange zest. Want lemon flavour? Use lemon zest.

Can you use orange extract instead of orange zest?

Yes,it can

How much lemon juice equals one teaspoon lemon zest?

How much peanut butter equals one teaspoon of jelly? Lemon zest is not the same thing as lemon juice. Lemon zest is finely ground peel from the lemon. It will never taste like lemon juice. If you are looking for a lemon zest substitute, lemon extract would be better, as the flavor in the extract comes from the same lemon oil that flavors the zest. Use half the zest called for. So if the recipe calls for a tablespoon of zest, use half a tablespoon of extract.

How do you make Harvey wallbanger cake without orange cake mix?

Use a lemon or yellow cake mix and use orange juice as the liquid in the mix. Also you can add grated orange zest as well.

Can you use lemon juice instead of lemon zest?

you could. But I cant say what the results would be without knowing what you are making. if its adding lemon zest to a baked goods and i had no fresh lemon i would just omit it. Not substitute the juice. But need to know the dish to be accurate.

What can you substitute lemon juice concentrate with other than fresh lemon juice?

You could use fresh lime juice or fresh orange juice (will not be as acidic as lemon or lime). Depending on the recipe, a marinade for instance, you could substitute with vinegar.

Can you use lemon juice for lemon zest?

Sure, its not the same thing but who cares? Use juice sparingly.

Can you use orange juice instead of vinegar in a cake recipe?

You can't replace vinegar by orange juice since OJ will change the tatse of the cake and they do not have the same PH level. Lemon juice is a great substitute.

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