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NO. Because the ProtoCyberDragon's effect states when this monster is face up on the field. Actually you can. But it can only be done for the Chimeratech Overdragon and would have to first use a normal Cyber Dragon. The Proto-Cyber Dragon acts as a machine monster for the remaining part of the fusion. - Vman23

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Q: Can you use proto-cyber dragon with future fusion?
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Can you use Future Fusion for Rainbow Neos?

Yes, "Future Fusion" can be used for "Rainbow Neos" by sending an "Elemental Hero Neos" and a "Rainbow Dragon" or "Dark Rainbow Dragon" from your deck to the Graveyard.

How do you summon 'Five-Headed Dragon'?

It's just a regular Fusion monster - use a Fusion card like Polymerization, or Future Fusion, or instant fusion with refusion.

Can you use Future Fusion to discard the XYZ Dragon Cannon fusion materials?

Fusion Monsters that are summoned without using Polymerization (and similar) cannot be summoned via Future Fusion, meaning you can't select them for Future Fusion in the first place. Other monsters that this applies to are Gladiator Beast Heraklinos, Armityle the Chaos Phantom, and the Neos fusions such as Elemental HERO Dark Neos.

Can the effect of light from a hex-sealed fusion be used to summon Cyber End Dragon or Cyber Twin Dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yes, you can use the effect of The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion to Special Summon either Cyber-fusion monster. Obviously you need to have Hex and one or more Cyber Dragons on the field to use its effect. However, you cannot use Hex to Fusion Summon (using Polymerzation, Future Fusion, etc.) any of the Cyber-fusion monsters because their text states a Fusion Summon of the monster must be conducted with the correct monsters.

Can you use 'Future Fusion' to summon 'Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste'?

No because you must send ALL of the fusion material from the main deck to the graveyard. Since one of Dragon Knight's material is any Dragon type Synchro monster you can't send it from the main deck since it would exist in the extra deck.

What are examples of fusion?

An example of a Fusion or Fusion Summoning is when you have two or more Fusion Material Monsters on your side of the field. Then you will need to use the Polymerization Spell Card which allows you to Fuse the two Material Monsters to Special Summon that Fusion Monster. -Can Be More than two Fusion Material Monsters Depending on the Fusion Monster Ex. Blue-Eyes White Dragon+Blue-Eyes White Dragon+Blue-Eyes White Dragon+Polymerization Spell Card=Blue-Eyes Ulltimate Dragon Ex. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon+Luster Soldier=Dragon Master Knight

Can you use tokens to summon five-headed dragon in yu-gi-oh?

Yes, Token Monsters can be used in a Fusion Summon as long as they meet the Fusion Monster's component requirement. So you could use Dragon-type Token Monsters to fusion summon Five-Headed Dragon.

What character do you use to use fusion into gogeta in dragon ball z bt3?

goku and vegeter

Can you use Fusion Substitute monsters from the deck for the effects of Future Fusion or Chain Material?

No, you cannot use Fusion Substitute Monsters for "Future Fusion". You can, however, use Fusion Substitute Monsters for "Chain Material" as long as those Fusion Substitute Monsters exist on your field or hand. The reason Fusion Substitute Monsters cannot be used from your deck is because they have no substitute ability while in the deck and thus cannot be used as replacements for other Fusion Material Monsters.

What fusion monster need to use 5 dragons to summon?

Five-Headed Dragon.

Can you fusion summon dark gaia with future fusion?

No, Elemental Hero Dark Gaia cannot be special summoned, except by the effect of 'Dark Fusion'. You cannot use any other special summon methods (like Monster Reborn), or even other fusion summon methods (Polymerization, Re-Fusion, Future Fusion).

What kind of monsters can you fuse in Yu-Gi-Oh?

This all depends on the Fusion monster. If a Fusion monster like "Thousand Dragon" needs "Baby Dragon" and "Time Wizard", you activate "Polymerization" and send the monsters from your hand and/ or field to Fusion Summon "Thousand Dragon". There are cards called Fusion-Substitute Monsters monsters that can be used. They have written in their text: You can substitute this card for any 1 Fusion-Material Monster. When you do this, the other Fusion-Material Monster(s) must be the correct one(s).So in the case of "Thousand Dragon", you can use the Fusion-Substitute Monster "Versago the Destroyer" to take the place of "Baby Dragon" or "Time Wizard" when fusing. You cannot use two or more Fusion-Substitute Monsters in the same fusion as stated in the text. Some Fusion monsters have written in their text "A Fusion Summon of this Monster can only be conducted with the above Fusion Material Monsters." This means that you cannot use Fusion-Substitute Monsters in the fusion for the monster. Some Fusion monsters do not call for specific names of monsters to be fused. An example is "Chimeratech Overdragon". It's Fusion-Material Monsters are 1 "Cyber Dragon" + 1 or more Machine-Type monsters. Once you have the "Cyber Dragon", you can fuse any other Machine-Type monsters you have. A Fusion-Substitute Monster can be used instead of "Cyber Dragon", but the rest of the monsters must be Machine-Type.

How do you use miracle synchro fusion on yu-gi-oh?

You use it to summon a Fusion Monster, which has listed as one of its Fusion components, a Synchro Monster. For example, Dragon Knight Draco Equiste has '1 Dragon-type Synchro Monster' and '1 Warrior-type Monster' as material. So let's say you have a Black Rose Dragon in your graveyard and DD Warrior on the field. You activate Miracle Synchro Fusion, and then when it resolves, banish Black Rose Dragon and DD Warrior, and summon Dragon Knight Draco Equiste.

Are there any fusion monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh that dont need specific fusion material monsters like Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste?

Yes, there are many Fusion monsters that do not need specific Fusion Material monsters. Basically, if a Fusion monster does not say "This monster can only be Fusion Summoned with the the listed Fusion Material monsters", it can be Fusion Summoned using one Substitute Fusion Material monster and the other required monsters.For example, "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon" does not state you must use the three "Blue-Eyes White Dragon"s listed, so you can use one Substitute Fusion Material monster. "Chimeratech Overdragon" is special because it states you must fuse it using one "Cyber Dragon" and any number of Machine-type monsters. You can use a Substitute Fusion Material monster in place of "Cyber Dragon", but you cannot replace any of the Machine-type monsters with one.

How do you summon a Fusion Monster if one of the Fusion Material Monsters is another Fusion Monster?

When it comes to using Fusion Monsters as Fusion Material Monsters, they are used no differently than any other monster you would use as a Fusion Material Monster.For example, in order to use Polymerization, the required Fusion Material Monsters must be present in your hand and/or field. Since Fusion Monsters cannot exist in your hand, if you needed to Fusion Summon Dragon Master Knight, you will need to have the Fusion Monster Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon on the field and Black Luster Solider in your hand or on the field.It should also be noted that some Fusion Monsters like Dragon Master Knight do not state that "a Fusion Summon of this monster can only be conducted with the above Fusion Material Monsters". So you can use Fusion Substitute Monsters like King of the Swamp in place of the Fusion Monster.

What cards like Blue-Eyes White Dragon go with F.G.D and Dragon Master Knight?

These cards go with "FGD" and "Dragon Master Knight", but they are not all necessarily recommended to use because they have limited use, cards with better effects, etc. Those cards will be marked with a *. *Kaibaman Dragon's Mirror Future Fusion Lord of D. *Flute of Summoning Dragons King Dragun Polymerization Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon *Paladin of White Dragon *Black Luster Soldier King of the Swamp The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion *Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon The reason why some of these cards are marked with the * is because they can be replaced by "King of the Swamp" and/ or "The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion" for Fusions.

How do you summon blue-eyes ultimate dragon without three blue-eyes white dragon?

To Fusion Summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon without utilizing three Blue-Eyes White Dragons, you could substitute one Blue-Eyes White Dragon with a Fusion Substitute Monster (Note that you can only use one Fusion Substitute Monster in a Fusion Summon. Therefore, you must still use two more Blue-Eyes White Dragons).You can also utilize the effect of Cyber-Stein (banned under the current Forbidden/Limited Card List). Note that this is not considered a Fusion Summon.Another method would be to use Re-Fusion. You must have first successfully Fusion Summoned the Fusion Monster and have had it sent to the Graveyard before using this card. This is also not considered a Fusion Summon.

Can you use the effect of 'Cyber Stein' to summon 'Cyberdark Dragon'?

Cyberdark Dragon cannot be summoned except by Fusion Summon. Cyber Stein does not 'fusion summon' the fusion monsters is summons, it is only a special summon. It therefore cannot summon monsters like Dark Paladin, or Cyberdark Dragon.

What is the best stragety for a cyber drogon deck?

I would say the best stragedy for a cyber dragon deck would be to use power bond to fusion summon cyber end dragon then use de-fusion to bring them all back out for a one turn kill.

Can the blue eyes shining dragon be summoned by sacrificing the light hex sealed fusion?

Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon cannot be special summoned except by tributing a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. There is simply no way around it. The Hex-Sealed Fusions are 'fusion substitutes' meaning they can take the place of a fusion component for a Fusion Summon. You may use The Light and two Blue-Eyes White Dragons to summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, but apart from that, it has no way to combo with Shining Dragon at all.

Can you fusion summon a monster without having the fusion monsters card in your fusion deck?

If you want to summon a Fusion Monster, you need to actually have it in your Extra Deck. You can't just use Polymerization with three Blue Eyes White Dragon unless you've actually got a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon in your Extra Deck.

Is it possible to use the light hex sealed fusion from the players hand without polymerization?

If you are talking about its effect to Special Summon a Fusion Monster with his effect, you can't. You have to have both The Light - Hex Sealed Fusion along with another Fusion Material, for example Cyber Dragon to Summon Cyber Twin Dragon, and Tribute both of them, and Special Summon Cyber Twin Dragon. His effect can be used to Tribute itself, including Cyber Twin, even if Cyber Twin says it can only use the above Fusion Materials for its Fusion Summon, but The Light Hex Sealed can be used as a substitute, since it is being used for a Special Summon, but not a Fusion Summon. If you are talking about his substitute effect, I'm not sure how you even can use that effect without the use of Polymerization.

How do you summon 'Dragon Master Knight'?

You need to Fusion Summon it by using 'Black Luster Soldier' and 'Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon'. You must use Fusion Summon, so cannot being it out using cards like 'Cyber Stein' or 'Summoner of Illusions'. However you can use Fusion Substitutes like 'King of the Swamp' in place of one of the components.

Do you have to use polymerization to do a fusion summon?

Not all the time. Some fusion monsters have special summoning conditions. e.g: Elemental Hero Neos fusions can only be summoned by returning the fusion material monsters from the field to the deck. XYZ Dragon Cannon can only be summoned by removing the fusion material monsters on the field from play There are also other cards for monster fusion, here are a few examples and a URL for a full list and more info. -Fusion Gate -Super Polymerization -Future Fusion

What is the first Dragon Ball Z episode with fusion?

i don't know which specific episode it was, but it happened in the frieza saga. Nail and piccolo were the first to use a type of fusion technique. it is episode 77. dragon ball z nd in the frieza sage