Can you use semi auto ammo in your revolver?


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In most cases the answer would be no, but there are some revolvers with addition of halfmoon clips can safely fire the correct semi auto ammo...

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In a revolver, you could get away with it. In a semi, no way. I wouldn't do it.

For MOST revolvers- no. MOST semi auto rounds are rimless, and most revolver rounds are rimmed. There can also be a difference in energy- .32 auto is much hotter than .32 S&W ammo. HOWEVER- there ARE revolvers that were made to use an auto pistol cartridge, such as 9mm Parabellum. There were reports of problems, not highly popular. Some, such as the .45 Colt revolver could be adapted to .45 ACP ammo using a "moon clip" that held 3 of the rimless cartridges. So it really depends on WHICH revolver and WHICH cartridge.

Any revolver. As for semi auto pistols, the 'Ring of Fire' guns (Lorcin, Raven, Jennings, Bryco, Jiminez, etc.) are designed to use cheap ammo. The Ruger pistols are pretty tolerant as far as ammo goes, as well.

Some studies indicate the repeated use (20,000) of steel cased ammo will prematurely wear the barrel on semi auto rifles. The normal user will not see the difference.

No. The S&W .32 long is a RIMMED revolver cartridge. Your SACM is an auto pistol, and uses rimless ammo. See the link blow- it includes a pic of the cartridge. Sorry. PS- MOST rimless ammo headspaces on the MOUTH of the cartridge case. Where a revolver can shoot different length cartridges, the auto pistols are pretty well tied to the exact length cartridge.

380 auto. Many good brands of ammo out there.

NO! The .32 ACP is loaded to much higher energies than the .32 S&W Revolver cartridge, and cannot be safely fired in a revolver- especially one that old. You will also have problems extracting the fired cartridge case.

as long as the ammo is for the 45 ACP pistol it will work. can't use 45 revolver ammo in the ACP

use 32-20 ammo The caliber of the ammo is 32-20. It is not common although it is still available.

No such caliber as .32 Special. Use the caliber of ammo marked on the gun.

I don't think there is any +P ammo made for the 32 auto ????????

They can only fire the .455 Webley ammo. Don't attempt to use any other cartridge in this revolver.

All weapons exhibit a preference for one or more maker/load. You will have to shoot as many as you can find to know.

These were made to fire the .32 S&W revolver cartridge. Made well after the black powder era, they should be able to use standard present day ammo.

Yes, you can shoot 38 specials through a .357 magnum revolver.

Probably Match quality semi-wadcutter (depending on exactly WHICH competition you mean) The ammo must cycle the weapon without failure, provided consistent speed, and an accurate bullet. Semi wadcutter feeds in most sem-auto sidearms, and clips a neat, clean hole in a paper target for easier scoring.

No, and you shouldn't even use. 38 Special ammo in it, either. If it was made in the 1800s, it was probably chambered in .38 Long Colt, and that is the only ammo which is compatible with that revolver.

Caliber is .45 GAP (Glock auto pistol)

A pistol is a generic term for hand gun. The revolver is older than the semi-automatic magazine fed hand gun. Revolver hand guns came into widespread use in 1836 when Samuel Colt patented his first design. The first real use of semi-automatic hand guns was in the 1890s.

A .357 Magnum revolver can, as it uses cylinders and does not require headspacing between a cartridge and a chamber. Semi automatic, lever action, etc. .357 Magnum firearms which use a headspaced chamber cannot, however.

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