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No. Pet Store bought products NEVER work. To stop Fleas, ticks and Mites purchase Frontline from your Vet.

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Q: Can you use tea tree oil as a flea and tick killer?
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What can you use instead of 2-phenethyl propionate in a natural ingredient flea and tick control squeeze oil for dogs?


Does cat flea and tick shampoo kill head lice?

yes but if you have olive oil i would definitely recommend or ridx helps to

What is the best way to get rid of fleas on dogs?

Bathing your dog regularly with a flea repellent shampoo. Add neem oil for extra help. Use a fine tooth flea comb that is dipped in soap water after each stroke. Regular use of flea repellent. Aloe vera or tea tree oil helps with irritation.

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How do you remove live tics from a dog?

Put a small drop of olive oil on the tics; the tics will pull out and die and the oil won't harm your pet. Best thing is to use a tick pick which you can by from a vet or pet shop. Even if a tick is dead when you remove it there can still be infected liquids in the tick which can be passed into the dog if the tick is squeezed when removing. A vet will also remove a tick for you.

The tics head didn't come out when i tried to pull it out of my dogs neck. i only got the body now what happens?

Not sure if the tick's head will cause a disease or infection. The best way to remove a tick without pulling on it is to put a drop of olive oil on the tick. The oil will cause the tick to pull its head out as it suffocates.

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