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The sign-in IDs cannot be identical for different PSN accounts. However, if you use Gmail you can add an extension on to the end of your email name by using a (+), thus allowing you to use the same email address for multiple PSN accounts. For example, if your email address is (, you could use ( and ( This will make your PSN sign-in IDs different while allowing you to use the same email address.

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Q: Can you use the same email address for two different PlayStation Network accounts?
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Why does PlayStation network need your address?

To confirm and verify that you are a human. Also to verify that it is not a robot making several different accounts. Address may be a question PSN ask for when you call them to recover an account

What is a valid street address for playstation network?

valid address for play station network

How do you access different PS stores?

You can only use the Playstation Store for your area based on your home address in the Playstation Network Master Account

Why does playstation network ask for an address?

billing info

How do you add money to your wallet on PlayStation network?

when you log on to your Playstation Network account you can input your redeem codes from a Playstation Network Card or add set amounts with a credit card matching your account name and address

What so Playstation network mean by email address?

It means the email address that was used to set the account up.

How can you get PlayStation network on your PS3?

In order to get the Playstation Network on your PS3 you must have an internet connection. Once you PS3 is connected to the internet you will need a Playstation Network Account. The Account is free, but does require a mailing address, date of birth over 18, and an email address. I have added a link to take you through the process of setting up the Playstation Master Account that uses the screens that will be on the PS3.

How to changing region of playstation network account?

The region is based on the address and if that has not changed you can not change the region

Does anybody no how to hack red dead redemption XP online PS3?

don't do it, if you get caught playstation network will permanantly ban you from using playstation online from that address

How can i get my playstation network account back when somebody stoled it?

Sony customer service if they changed your email address and you must know your birthdate

Are you able to used a pre paid visa card to buy something on the PlayStation network?

No the Credit Card must match the name and address listed for the Playstation Network Account or be a PlayStation Network Card. You can run down to Walmart or some other retail store with the Prepaid Visa and buy the PSN card

What to do if you don't receive an email from sony for playstation network?

Check and make sure that your account has a valid Email address

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