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VINsYes, a VIN is tied to one car and one car only.

You can go to, (it's free) enter your VIN in box. It will give you all the details about your car. Then if you want to spend money on carfax it also has a option to do that.

Make sure that you enter all 17 digits into the box.

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How do you find a year of a vehicle with just a vehicle identification number?

The 10th digit in the number is the model year of the vehicle

What is the year and model number of a Polaris ATV vehicle identification number 4xaj050ax52542997?


How do you know what year my evinrude is by your serial number 25920-09096?

A vehicle's serial number is used to identify it with information such as the year, make and model. The vehicle identification number was first used in 1954.

What model and size Yamaha vehicle identification number JYA5H0005BA003113?

1981 SR185

What is the year and model number of a Polaris snowmobile Vehicle Identification Number 4xasr5asx2b202211?

1997 1997

What is the year and model for a Polaris snowmobile vehicle identification number 4xasb5a59xb034279?

The year is 1999 not sure of the model .

what does a vin number search tell me?

The VIN number or "Vehicle Identification Number" is a number registered to each vehicle. The number keeps track of the model, make and year of each vehicle.

What year make and model is VIN?

VIN stands foe vehicle identification number.

What is the P73?

P73 is the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) code for the the Ford Crown Victoria Base model.

What is computer model?

The computer model is the kind of computer you have. Every computer has a model identification number, it can contain both numbers and letters. It serves to identify the computer when needed.

Can you get car insurance with an ID number?

NO If you have the ID or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) , the make , model and year,,,you certainly CAN get a registration and insurance.

What is car vin numbers?

VIN = Vehicle Identification Number. They can be "decoded" to determine manufacturer, when it was manufactured, specifics about the model, what facility it was manufactured at, etc.

How is a component commonly marked for identification?

A component is commonly marked for identification by its model number.

Does the vin tell which engine is in the truck?

Yes, the VIN number will identify the model, color, engine, trim, and other features of your vehicle.

What does VIN on vehicle mean?

That is the identification number for that particular vehicle. Each car has a different number. V.I.N. stands for vehicle identification number. It will invariably incorporate, albeit coded according to specific manufacturers codes; The manufacturer, the model, the body type, the year of manufacture, the engine size, the manufacturers assembly plant, maybe another designated attribute and finally a sequential number relating to that vehicle's identity. It is your vehicles D.N.A.

Does Kawasaki Mule 2500 have a VIN number Serial Number or Model Number for identification?


Where is the vehicle identification number on a Yamaha outboard motor?

On the Yamaha outboard, the model number is located on the port, (left), transom mounting bracket. The transom bracket is the part of the engine that is bolted to your boat transom.

Is a Holton french horn serial number 593118 considered a professional series and what model is it?

The serial number by itself doesn't identify a specific model.

What is identification light on civic 2005 model?

at back number plate

How do you identify a gun?

By model, caliber and serial number.

What model and year is serial?

Serial is a number. For example, a car has a model and year to identify it by made and model, and then it has a serial number to further identify it down to it's individual number. It's similar to 1964 Aston Martin DB5 serial number 007.

How do you identify a ps3 320gb?

By the model number the related link has the different model numbers

What does the Vehicle Identification Number of a 1965 Chevy truck consist of?

The V.I.N. number of your 1965 Chevrolet truck will tell you the year, what plant it was built at, the series, model, and which number vehicle it was when it rolled down the assembly line. This number is found on a metal tag that is riveted or spot welded to the driver door jam near the hinges.

What model and size Yamaha vehicle identification number JYA1UJ002GA003352?

The 1UJ00 (4th to 7th characters) are the model. Ingore the zero's in this case, yours (1UJ) is a YX600. The 10th character is the year, G=1986. For more information follow the link.

How do you determine what year model my 4-wheeler is from the frame number? break down here of what the numbers mean.

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