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Can you use visa debit to go overdrawn?


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No - a debit card is simply an electronic version of cash. If there are insufficient funds in your account to cover the transaction, the card will be declined.


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Well, i think it is because its the difference =t/3of the space comunity\ so the anser is: Credit visa debit cards are accepted and are easier to transfer amounts from bank to card, or card to card. Mastercard-wich i own, is a little difficult to get transfered with banks. It also is quite a hassle. So, in my opinion, go for visa!

No not if its not linked to a checking account. it has to have a visa or mastercard symbol on it Sometimes the store that you go to, the ATm pad doesn't work so it can be use as a credit card, but it will appear as a debit on your bank statement.

no, it does not.Depends - there are pay as you go visa or the so called prepaid debit cards, which have features that allow you to build credit over period. For example - with AccountNow Prepaid Visa or master card: http://www.accountnow.comyou could be eligible to build credit history if you sign up for Direct deposit and bill pay with your debit card, as all your bill payments get reported to the major credit bureaus.

You have to go to the box office or the theater where you're going to view your movie. You can use cash or Visa or MasterCard and even debit. You could also call Telecharge or Ticketmaster.

go to gateway of tally then voucher and click on debit note of the screen your right side

Use the Visa on arrival facility available at the airport.

Yes, you do. A debit card is linked to a bank account - so that you can only 'spend' what money is already in the associated account. (ie - you cannot go overdrawn on the card). A credit card is different - it's like a short-term 'loan' that you pay back. You can 'spend' using the card - up to its limit - whether there's any money in your bank account or not.

You can go to your local Chase bank and talk with a bank representative about applying for Visa credit. You can achieve this one of two ways: Open a checking or savings account, and receive a Visa Debit card, or apply for a Visa credit card, which can be trickier. Banks, especially chase, are selective about who can receive credit, for one, you must have an outstanding credit outstanding, I mean 700+.

Ask the company who issued the card! Debit cards are usually issued by a bank - for use with a deposit account.

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