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as long as it is not the winter... then it will freeze. and never put water in a hot empty radiator or you will crack the block and you will be very sorry.

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Can you use water instead of or as a coolant if you do not have coolant?

Yes. The best to use is of course is a mixture of water and coolant but just water will work fine in your vehicle. Add coolant when you can get some for the best cooling. But only temporarily in an emergency. Water alone was fine (when the temperature stayed above freezing) back in the 1950s, but today's engines need the rust inhibitors and other additives.

Water instead of coolant in Dakota?

if at all possible you need to use anti freeze but water is ok to use in a pinch

Why you use sweet for coolant instead of salty coolant?

What ?????????????

What coolant to use in a 1996 grand am?

use half coolant and half water

What do you put in the cooling system of a 1993 ford explorer can you put water instead of coolant?

I would only put water in an emergency situation where I don't have coolant available. The coolant helps the engine to not overheat and to not freezing, while that could happen if you just use water. If you don't have your vehicle's manual to know the specification of the coolant, you can use the generally available Prestone and add water according to the table on the coolant's recipient. (or you can buy the pre-mixed formula)

Can you use distelled water instead of coolant?

Distilled water mixed with antifreeze ( usually 50 / 50 , Ford says up to 60 % antifreeze in colder climates )

Can the wrong coolant type be a cause of a blown head gasket?

Yes. Thats why every vehicle is designed to use such coolant

What type coolant do you use in a 2003 BMW 330I?

Only use BMW coolant and distilled water.

Why water is used as coolant?

Because water has high specific heat so water absorbs more heat and retain for long time

What type coolant for Honda goldwing?

Use only Honda Coolant unless you want to replace the water pump which will be damaged if you use any coolant with sliicates in it. Also use distilled water not tap water. Honda sells a premixed coolant for around $5 a quart. Money well spent.

What is the best reason to use water as a coolant?

The best reason to use water as a coolant is because is because it has a high specific heat capacity. However, you can add a mix of antifreeze with your water.

Why is only heavy water used as coolant for nuclear energy and can you use any other coolant used replacing D2O?

Many pressurized water reactors use "regular" water (light water) as a primay coolant. That means that "only heavy water" is not a rule as regards reactor design. Reactor design specifies the coolant to be used.

If you have red coolant in your vehicle can you put green coolant in as well?

the red coolant is only used in some GM models. you can use green only if it specifies that it can be used in GM vehicles.

What water do you use for engine coolant in a vauxhall calibra?

Tap water from your house

What to use if you dont have coolant?

Water should be fine, but mix it with coolant when you can to prevent rust from developing in the radiator.

Will it hurt if you use water instead of coolant?

If you try and run an auto engine with just water, instead of antifreeze/coolant; your car's engine will not last more than a few minutes, before it overheats or freezes up, depending on the weather conditions and how hard you run the engine. Coolant is not an optional choice instead of water, it's mandatory if you want to keep the engine running in good condition and save your car and a lot of money. Get one of those hoses with meters and red pointer, at Wal-Mart and check and see how well your cars antifreeze/coolant is holding up. It only costs around five dollars.

What is the better coolant for a car engine antifreeze or water?

Always use antifreeze. Water does not have any water pump lubricants or anti corrosion properties, antifreeze coolant does.

What kind of coolant does a 1998 Toyota Camry need?

on the 98 camry the best coolant to use is zerex asian vehicle blend but any silicate free coolant is good do not use dex-cool dex-cool will destroy the cooling system

How do you put water in the radiator?

You don't, unless you are flushing the system. Use distilled water and add it to the coolant recovery bottle - and it needs to be mixed with coolant.

What type of coolant do you use for 2001 Town Country?

Ethylene Glycol is normally used in the 2001 Chrysler town and country. If it is unknown what type of coolant is in vehicle now, get the old coolant flushed and replace with ethylene glycol or any universal coolant.

Why coolant water is used in car bus truck etc why simple water is not used in vehicles?

Engine coolant contains certain chemical properties that water does not. Coolant is used in cars, busses, trucks, and other vehicles, and it is never recommended to use water unless it is only a short-term fix until you can get more coolant. The main difference is freezing point. If you use water as coolant in the winter, it will likely freeze and crack your engine block. In the heat, water boils much faster and produces more heat.

Can you use water instead of milk for color changing milk?

well, if you use water instead of milk, it will no longer be milk. it will be colour changing water.

Why do cars use collant instead of water?

Coolant, also known as antifreeze, serves two purposes in a cars engine. (1) Coolant keeps the engine cool. During the summer especially, your engine can get very hot. We all know that when water gets hot enough, it boils. Have you ever seen a car on the side of the road, with a bunch of steam blowing out of the hood? That is a car with an over heated engine. Coolant can still boil like water, however coolant has a higher boiling point than water. (2) Coolant also keeps the engine from freezing. This is very important. If your cars engine has water in it, instead of coolant, and the outside temperature drops below freezing, your engine may become susceptible to becoming frozen. If your engine freezes from sitting in the cold without coolant, the water inside of the engine will expand. When ice expands it has to go somewhere. You engine will crack and will not be repairable. Coolant can still freeze, but unless your using the lowest grade coolant, and your driving through Alaska, your coolant probably won't freeze. How does coolant both keep the engine cool when running, but keep it from freezing too? Its simple; Coolant has a higher boiling point than water (99.7'), and it has a lower boiling point than water (32'). The temperature highs and lows vary with the type of coolant you use. !CAUTION! When your coolant level goes down, due to evaporation or leaks, you may out water in your radiator for a temporary fix. HOWEVER this alters the highest and lowest points of your coolants temperature peak. MORE WATER = WATERY COOLANT

Can you put water into a BMW instead of coolant?

Hi. Of course you can, anti freeze (coolant) is only if you are staying in a country where the temperatures drop below freezing ========================================================== antifreeze mixed 50 / 50 with preferably distilled water raises the boiling point , lowers the freezing point , and provides corrosion protection ( until the corrosion package is " used up " ) Do not exceed 60 % antifreeze , adding extra water will dilute the protection _________________________________________________________________ Considering that water causes rusting, it is very inadvisable to use it as a replacement for coolant. The coolant in your car is designed to prevent rusting and corrosion, so it is highly recommended that you continue to use coolant unless you want to risk some high dollar repairs.

Why use engine coolant instead of water?

Engine coolant is formulated to withstand a greater range of temperatures. Not only will it prevent freezing, but in hot weather it raises the boiling point to about 260° F, where pure water would boil at 212° F. The cooling properties are better and it doesn't rust or cause rust.