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Yes, you can use wax.

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Q: Can you use wax on glue down vinyl floor tiles?
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Can you install ceramic floor tiles over vinyl floor tiles?

You can buy mortar that works on old vinyl floors. But I wouldn't recommend it. Assuming that you are going over OLD vinyl floor, you also have to assume that the glue holding the vinyl floor down is OLD and probably failing. Keeping that in mind, if you go directly over the vinyl floor, you are basically asking the OLD, possibly failing glue to hold down not only the vinyl it was originally holding in place, but now the ceramic floor above it. You will be seriously cutting down the lifespan of your new ceramic floors. This is what will happen... as the glue fails, areas of the floor will be come unstable, start moving and fluctuating, this will cause the tiles to become loose, eventually crack and/or start breaking up the grout in between the tiles. This may not necessarily happen immediately, but more than likely you will find yourself repairing tiles or re-grouting just a couple of years down the road. If the vinyl is on a concrete slab, I would buy a scraper and scrape up the old vinyl, then install the ceramic tile directly on the concrete slab. If the vinyl is on a wood sub floor, leave the vinyl floor, but install cement board directly over the old vinyl. This will give you a nice, stable surface to install your ceramic tile on.

Why would vinyl tiles come off the floor?

The glue used to stick them to the floor is weak, or there was dirt or foreign matter under the tile, or the under floor was not completely clean when it was laid.

HOW to put vinyl sheeting over vinyl tiles?

If it's very good quality vinyl sheeting, lay it on. If lesser quality or thin, glue it all over with vinyl glue.

What adhesive should you use to glue vinyl floor tiles onto tar paper?

I wouldn't do it. Tar paper between subfloor and finish floor is a good technique, but gluing tiles directly to a tar paper surface is not a good idea.

Is there a non glue vinyl flooring?

If you mean the glue that hold the vinyl to the floor there is an alternative ask your local vinyl supplier about vinyl designed to be "loose layed".

What type of glue is used on vinyl tiles?

There are many glues specifically for Vinyl tile in hardware and lumber stores.

How do you remove gorilla glue from vinyl floor?

you cant

Where can you purchase 9 inch vinyl floor tiles?

It seems to have been discontinued...and if you pull it up, BE CAREFUL! The majority of nine-inch floor tile contains asbestos, and so does the glue it was installed with.

Was asbestos ever an ingredient in glue or epoxy?

Yes, asbestos mastic (glue) under the tiles. ceiling or floor tiles?

How do you ceramic tile over glue down vinyl tile?

If it has a timber floor under and vinyl is solid to the floor and not to thick screw down 10 mm ply at 150mm centres. seal ply with pva sealer prior too tilling. If it is a concrete floor it is best to lift vinyl.

Is asbestos found in old floor tiles?

Yes. In some but not in all. It is also found in the glue that hold the tiles to the floor.

Can you lay vinyl over cork tiles?

loose lay or perimeter glue only products.

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