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Yes you HP Deskjet 3520 comes with Wi-fi built-in. This printer utilizes HP's ePrint technology. Because of this you can take printouts from computer, mobile and tablet PC also.

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Connect the printer to a network computer that is connected via a wireless router. If that doesn't work, use the built in WiFi connection and tell the computer to look for it and add it is a separate printer, then set it as the default printer.

Yes but please don't do that. Use a wireless switch or router.

No. You need a wireless router, though you don't necessarily need a computer.

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Are you asking if the computer will get internet? If so... Yes. as long as the router is connected to a modem via network cable and also connected to the desktop computer via network cable.The computer will not connect to the wireless signal sent out by the router. Without a wireless card, it will only work if it is hard patched via network cable to a working modem. If you are asking if the wireless router will still work, even when its connected to a desktop computer with out a wireless card, the answer is also yes. and i this situation, a wireless card in the computer is completely irrelevant so I'm guessing this is not what you meant.

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Click here : For a wireless router to work does the computer with ist have to be on is the other computer to get the wireless signal from that computer or copy and paste, I've answered that question, so it should help

A wireless headset works like a computer which is the WI-FI. The headsets work like transmitters and the communicate/connect on the electronic device.

Yes. However, you will lose you INTERNET connection if you were connected via a wireless router.

It means your Netgear wireless router or Netgear wireless card (your computer) are too far from one another for the wireless connection to work.

If you do have a wireless router on, you don't need any other computer to be on, say if you have a laptop downstairs, and a computer with the router upstairs, the computer can be off, but the router has to stay on, and you can access the internet using the laptop from downstairs, if you have a good enough signal. Hope this helps!

Wireless G works by transmitting information through the air in various radio waves. Your computer can pick up the signals and use them to computer information.

no. you have to buy the xbox 360 wireless adapter. unless you mod the consle

One of the best benefits of a wireless laptop computer is the ability to carry it with you, almost anywhere! If you want to go outside to enjoy the fresh air and work on your computer, go right ahead.

This depends on which wireless printer you bought. What you need is a wirelss enabled computer and a wireless printer. A CD will come with the printer for software to be installed.

Probably the HP Deskjet F2224, although the HP Deskjet F2280 i also known to work.

The mouse is an extremely popular technology to interact with your computer. Wireless mice usually work via radio frequencies commonly referred to as RF. RF wireless mice require two components to work properly a radio transmitter and a radio receiver.

You have to buy a wire then put in your black box to your computer

If you buy the adapter it will. But no, not straight out of the box.

Printers work by sending data to the computer they're connected to. For example, wired printers send electrical impulses. Wireless printers send data using wifi.

In computer networking, a wireless access point is a device that allows wireless devices to connect to a wired network using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or related standards.

A wireless mouse comes with a reciever. The mouse transmits signals to the reciever which is plugged into the computer. This tells the computer where the mouse is moving, just as one with a wire would.

No You need to connect it to the PS2 not a computer. The wireless connection made at the computer will not allow it to work at all for the ps2 instead of now allowing your PS2 to be online.

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