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It will run but I do not recommend it, all the dust and flying debris will go straight into the engine and potentially cause damage.

You might go a while with nothing bed happening but eventually damage will occur.

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What is the effect of people reducingreusingand recycling?

the affect is cleaner environment and cleaner air?

Is the sidekick Lx a good phone?

The sidekick lx is a great phone. although it does have a few flaws. but those flaws are not very big and take NO affect on the working of the phone! :)

What is the affect of a vacuum cleaner on us?

It will suck off all of your skin.

What is an element of climate?

An element of climate is a factor that can affect the weather and thus the climate of a region

Does isotopes affect the physical properties of the element?

Isotopes contribute to the atomic weight of a chemical element.

How does music affect us?

Music is a great thing! It is a element in life that connects with you physically, spirituality and emotionally. Music is basically my life without it i would go wild :)

How does Mercury element affect you?

the element mercury can cause brain damage of kidney damage which could be fatal

Why can the number of neutrons vary in an element and not affect the charge of that element?

Because Neutrons are neutral and don't carry an electrical charge.

How does octane percent affect a car?

octane is how volatile the gas is the higher the octane the bigger the boom and cleaner it burns

How does the number of valence electrons affect an element?

It determines which elements it will bond with.

What does corrosion affect?

just about every element other than gold

How climate element affect building design?

the chemical and physical change.

Do valence electrons affect the reactivity of an element?

Dog cow +fish

How did Henry Hudson discovering the Hudson River affect the world?

because burger king hired him as the fish bowl cleaner

Does a vacuum cleaner motor affect television screens?

No At least, not unless it happens to have a very large magnet in it for some reason.

How do isotopes affect an element's average mass number?

The atomic weight of an element

What prolonged deficiency would affect thyroid?

A deficiency in the element Iodine in the diet.

What does not affect the half life or a redioactive decay?

Temperature and combination of the radioactive element.

How lawrencium affect the industry?

Lawrencium is an artificial element; any link with the industry.

How does Neutron emission from a nucleus affect an element?

It changes only the atomic mass.

Which element has highest affect on envirnoment?

If I recall correctly that would be the "Fifth Element". Cannot remember exactly how I know that but I'm pretty sure it is correct.

How does the element gold affect the environment?

Gold don't affect the environment; but the the mercury or sodium (potassium) cyanide used for gold extraction are dangerous materials.

What element is responsible for the green house affect?

the element is the things that are in the leathery like plastic in the plastic that covers the plants so its the type of plastic and the sun combined

How does an air cleaner affect the volumetric efficency of an engine?

If the filter is to small or dirty this would restrict the air flow, lowering the CFM available.

How can reducing water pollution affect us?

It aids the water life and it's ecosystem. And it also makes the waters cleaner and fresher for the future.

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