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Can you use your California EBT in Texas

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Q: Can you use your California ebt card in Texas?
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Can you use Iowa EBT card in California?

Yes you can I belive ..

Can you use an ebt card and coupons together in California?

Yes u can

Can you use your Iowa ebt card in the state of Maine?

The EBT program is actually a Federal program under the USDA, and administered by the respective states. As such, you can use any EBT card in any state. You can use an Alaska EBT card in Florida, a California EBT card in Maine, and every state in between. Hope this helps!

Can you use California ebt card in Nevada?

EBT Food program cards can be used in any participating state..

Can you use California ebt food stamp card in North Carolina?

Yes you can, the EBT card is a federal program and as long as a merchant accepts EBT you should be able to use your card. Here in CA we have had our cards used in New Hamphire and Hawaii.

Can I use my ebt card at ikea?

Can II use my ebt card at IKEA

Can you use New Mexico ebt food stamp card in California?

I think so

Can you use a Tennessee EBT card in WI?

You can use EBT cards anywhere as long the EBT card's still active.

Is there a website to check an EBT card balance?

If you are unsure how to use your EBT card there are numerous websites you can use to help you. The specific website you need to use depends on the state you live in, for example for California the website is

Can you use your massachusetts ebt card in arizona?

yea u can use an EBt card anywhere in the U.S.

Can you use the Florida EBT card in Puerto Rico?

Can I use my EBT food card in Puerto Rico, .

Can you use a Georgia ebt card in Texas?

I really think you can, my sister lives in California and when she visits me in Tn she can use hers. Call a grocery store and ask them to make sure, good luck

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