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It's irrelevant. You can show it to an employer to help verify your forklift experience, but in the US, there is no licencing requirement to operate a forklift, so long as it operates on - and remains on - private property. Companies may require you to certify with them, however.

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For the most part, I believe you need a license to use a forklift. A website you help you out is, but if you're just using it at home, you don't really need one.

If you want to train to use a forklift, you must be at least 18 years old. If you are under 18 or over 18 without a forklift license then you cannot drive or operate a forklift.

You need to have a building permit or an construction permit to be able to operate or use a forklift. It is important to note that operating a forklift with out the proper license you could get in trouble with the law.

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Well, that's going to depend on where you are. In the US, the only time you need a licence for a forklift if it's being used on public roadways - and you use a regular drivers licence for that. In other countries, the laws will be different.

Yes, you can- both are EU states, and each other's fork lift licences are valid in both countries.

The rules vary from airline to airline so check with whoever you are intending to fly with.

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You can find information on how to obtain a forklift certification at your local employment office. They can provide you with resources on where to go and a phone number to call.

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