Can you use your old UHF antenna with a new HDTV and will it pick up broadcast HDTV signals?

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To answer your question simply, yes, you can pick up over the air HD signals from your analog antenna. As a matter of fact that's how I have my HDTV set up. I just read somewhere recently, but can't recall where, that over the air HD is a much cleaner signal or much better picture than cable or sat. [correction: the HDTV over-the-air "OTA" signal is better than Cable/Satellite TV. Cable/Satellite signal is compressed, with a loss of quality] I don't have cable or satellite but just use the antenna that I have hanging in my attic. What you will discover, depending on your location and signal strength I'd imagine, is that you will not only receive your regular network broadcast but additional stations as well. Because the HD signal is broadband, the networks are able to transmit additional stations with alternate programs available. The typical transmit I see is that a network will send the regular station and then the same program but at a higher resolution and then a third or sometimes fourth station with an increase in resolution and often show different programs. For example my local Chicago PBS station is channel 11. On channel 11 you will see the standard non-HD program. on 11.1 you might see the same program but in 720p. On 11.2 you will see some really nice nature stuff or other HD specific programs in 1080i (When I bought my set, 1080p had just come out but wasn't available on my set at the time). Also, some networks may use one of their additional slots as an all weather station such as NBC and ABC. If you already have an analog antenna then I would recommend that you need not purchase any other antenna despite what the salesman tells you. [However, HD signal is more susceptible to obstructions than analog. My analog antenna picks up analog stations just fine, but not HD - I have two large trees close to my house.] When I first purchased my TV the salesman tried to convince me to buy a small HDTV antenna that he said was desigened specifically to receive HD signals. It was priced at $40. My first thought was, 'an antenna is an antenna' what's the difference? He told me I could return it if I didn't see any improvement. So I bought it and set everything up at home and I auto programmed my set twice. I let it scan for channels with my original antenna and then I let it scan for signals with the new antenna. I took the new antenna back. What I found was that I could pick up more and better signals with my own antenna. Of course everyone else's experience may differ but I thought it would help to know. Hope this helps.
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