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Insurance Coverage on a Parents policy? Yes, So long as you are also listed by name as a covered driver on your parents Policy and your parents have an insurable interest in your vehicle.

If you are a minor or a dependent still living at home then you might be able to get insurance cheaper through your parents than you could seperately.

You "by name" would need to be added along with your vehicle to your parents policy to be an insured driver.

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Does building only insurance cover fitted carpets?

If your policy states "Building Only", then most likely thats all it would cover. It sounds as if you may have no contents coverage for your carpet.

Does insurance cover mechanical failure?

No, thats why you buy a warranty.

Can you purchase a 6 month car insurance policy?

Thats usually the way it is sold.

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What does trade insurance usually cover?

It depends on what it is. Its like if you had crashed into a car and thats your fault . You will need to pay for the repair with you own insurance. All it is is if you cause an accident you need to pay with you insurance that cost of the repair so thier care is fixed.

Should homeowners insurance cover the loss of a 400000 Big screen TV that was dropped while moving in the house?

Thats quite a tv you've got! Your tv is personal property under your homeowners and is covered by the listed perils in the policy. Typically, 'droppage' is not a listed peril.

Does homeowners insurance cover a new oil tank?

do you mean the cost of putting in a new tank? If so, it depends. Was the tank simply old and needed replacing? If thats the case- then it won't. Many people think that homeowner's insurance is a maintenance policy- it isn't.. If the existing tank was damaged by a covered event- (fire, etc) then yes, it would pay to replace the tank.

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Does full coverage auto insurance cover auto repairs?

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Does Colorado have a return policy on used cars?

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Who can I buy camera insurance from?

You can buy camera insurance from someone who has camera insurance like the ones who sell the camers to you yes thats about it or go search it yoursef

Where can I find free car insurance thats good?

There is no such thing is free car insurance. You can recieve and free quote but you will have to pay for the car insurance that is needed in your state.

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Can jailbreaking your phone cause it damage?

It voids your warranty meaing if you have insurance thats voided too.....I wouldnt recommend it unless you have no type of warranty or insurance on your phone

Can you view your policy coverages?

Yes, your policy is a contract. when you get your policy you get the contract. That contract lays out the parameters of whats covered, it usually doesn't cover what's not covered. If for some reason you can not find your contract you can contact your agent and ask them to send you a copy by mail, fax, or Email. If there are things you don't understand ask your agent, thats what he's there for, part of the price of your contract goes to the agents salary, so ask away !

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