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Can you vomit after you eat?

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The stomach is a muscle and if one chooses to constantly purge their food after eating the stomach will eventually keep getting signals to purge everything the person eats whether they want to or not. Eventually the stomach will no longer be able to hold food in and other organs will be involved. This can lead to death!

If you intend on purging for weight loss, save yourself. Purging doesn't get rid of all the calories.

2015-07-15 18:20:57
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What happens if you eat vomit?

If you eat vomit you will vomit yourself but it won't do any harm to your body! It won't taste as great as the first time you ate the food

Can you eat your vomit?

yes you can

Colour of human vomit?

it depend what you eat , an example = say you eat a pink Popsicle ... well the vomit will be pink

Can a horse eat to much and vomit?

horses can't actually vomit. this is why they get colic.

What do dogs do after they vomit?

Usually they try to sniff and or eat their vomit.After that they do anything really.

Why do we vomit?

we vomit because it gets away all the undigested thing that we eat.

Why does a dog eat grass?

The theories are that they like the taste of grass, or they are hungry. There is no evidence to suggest that they eat grass to make themselves vomit. Not all dogs vomit after eating grass. And those that do will often eat their vomit.

How do you get a dog to vomit?

you get a dog to vomit by making it eat grass or making them eat to much!

What is the color of your vomit?

it depends on what you eat

Do you vomit if you eat to much?


If you vomit what will be the colour if you get pregnant?

The color of your vomit will be determined by what you eat, and isn't influenced by pregnancy.

Can dogs eat their own vomit?

They can and do eat it on a regular basis.

What are some reasons people vomit?

sometimes you vomit because you are seasick, airsick, or carsick. people swallow some types of poison can be forced to vomit. this rids the body of the poison.sometimes you vomit because you eat what you are not supposed to eatsometimes you vomit because you are allergic to somethings that you are not supposed to eat.sometimes you vomit because of the smell of somethings like nasty garbage or a baby's dipar that you haven't changes in 3 weeks from today.

What is the best way to clean vomit?

eat it.

What does the grass do when dogs eat it?

it helps them vomit.

Why do cats eat leaves and then vomit?

When cats or dogs have upset stomachs, they instinctively eat grass which helps them to vomit and (hopefully) reduce the upset tummy.

If you vomit after you eat will you still gain weight?

That all depends whether you vomit the entire amount of food out or not.

What makes a dog vomit without any gagging?

Dogs vomit mostly when they eat grass 😱

How can you eat your skin?

no...I would like to eat it, but I vomit everytime when I take it to my mouth..

What makes you vomit when you eat?

when you are sick...any thing you will eat can cause you to puke

Can catfish eat vomit?

no catfish can't vomit because all the fish around them would die of sickness.

Who eats vomit?

Sometimes raccoons eat puke.

When you eat shrimp you have to vomit why it that?

maybe that means your alergic to it

Frequently eat large of food then vomit out?


What happens when you eat a raw human brain?

You vomit