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Can you walk off weight?

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Yes it is great exercises and burn calories

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What to do when you hurt a heel?

Rest and keep your weight off the sore foot if you have to walk.

When happens to fat when you walk?

Calories burn off, which helps you to lose weight.

Is it hard to take weight off after taking Effexor?

As it gives you sleep, you become lazy and do not walk much so you gain weight.

How do you lose weight on night shift?

Walk Walk

Do you gain muscle first when you walk miles?

Yes, that is why you might find that your weight increases initially when you start exercising. Then you start losing weight as you burn off fats.

How far would you have to walk to burn off 1 McDonald's double cheeseburger?

35 miles to lose the weight fatty

What other words describe walk?

well there is out and about or go outside and sake off energy or even go out and lose weight

What does walk off mean?

A walk off is when the player gets a hit that ends the game, and " walks off " the field.

What does the baseball term Lead off walk mean?

A 'lead off walk' is when the first batter (lead off) of an inning gets on base from a base on balls (walk).

What is a walk off single?

a walk off single is when a runner gets a single in a tie ball game to end the game right then. walk off means the team walks off the field because of...

If you walk 9 miles a week how much weight will you lose?

You could walk five miles a day and gain weight. Losing weight depends on eating less calories than you expend. Walk or run if you can run without injury and eat less, means you will loose weight.

Is Walk off baseball definition limited to a walk off home run What about an RBI that scores the winning run from 1st The batter would have to run to 1st before the runner could score from 1st?

The term 'walk off' refers to when the home team wins the game in the ninth inning or a later inning. It doesn't have anything to do with the type of play but simply that whatever play occurred was the play that scored the winning run for the home team. You can have a walk off base bit (single, double, triple, or home run), a walk off walk, a walk off hit by pitch, a walk off error, even a walk off balk.

Can you lose weight eating just buckwheat?

No, you'd die from lack of nutrition. Losing weight is as easy as burning off what you consume. So, if you eat a big meal, don't lay around, take a walk.

What is the Weight of off road diesel?

What is the weight of off-road diesel

If a walk off home run ends the game what is a pinch hit walk off home run called now days?

It's called a pinch-hit walk-off home run.

Why do some guys like girls to walk on them?

Usually when a guy wants the girl to walk with him, it sometimes comes off as to show off the girl to his friends who may be around to watch you and that boy walk by. Usually when a guy wants the girl to walk with him, it sometimes comes off as to show off the girl to his friends who may be around to watch you and that boy walk by.

How do you train a horse to be ground tied?

This can take some time. With the horse saddled and bridled up, also put a halter on it, tie a rope to the halter and to a weight, get on and then off and walk a few feet away. The horse will try to walk off but will have to drag the weight. Now if you want to be really careful you can tie a longer rope also that you can hold so the horse wont take off running if spooked by the weight. When you dismount always take the reins down or off over the horses head and drop them so they touch the ground. If the horse really drags the weight you need to find a heavier one. Let the horse wonder awhile and then mount up again. Do this several times and each time walk off a little further for a little longer and soon your horse will get the idea. As soon as your horse does not move the weight, you can lighten it a bit until you are only using the reins for a weight. Now this will take maybe days to teach. Be patient, your horse may have to drag the weight until it gets tired of it. This will work. *

Define a walk off hit in a baseball game?

A walk off hit is a hit that ends the game. This term was coined in reference to the opposing pitcher having to "walk off" the mound in defeat. However, the winning team also gets to walk off, with a in. A walk off win can only happen when the game is in the 9th inning or later (extra innings) and the home team scores the winning run.

How many lbs will you lose if you walk 20000 steps a day?

IF YOU WALK 20000 steps a day it really depends on how much you weight and eat if you eat smaller portions of what u normally eat then you may loose weight but if you walk them steps every day you want gain weight

How much weight loss in 2 Miles walk?

depends in part how fast you walk but approximately 120calories

What products under $100 could I buy to help me lose weight at home?

There are a lot of products that you can buy. As an example for only $45.00 USD you can purchase a product called Apidexin. This product is designed to help you lose weight at home. Also for around $14.00 you can purchase a DVD entitled "The Biggest Loser: Power Walk". This DVD is designed to help you walk the weight off from the comfort of your home.

Time to walk from earth to Jupiter?

Forever - how are you planning to walk off of a planet?

What is the definition to scutted?

to walk off

What team has the most walk off wins in a season?

The Oakland A's In 2012 With 15 Walk Off wins in a single season.

Whether exercise and morning walk is for gaining or losing weight?