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Only use horse soap to wash your horse. Other soaps can strip your horse of his natural oils that make him shiny and protect him. I know most human shampoos will dry out the skin of most animals. Some may even cause your horse to have allergic reactions, rashes, etc. So, only use horse shampoo on your horse just to be safe.

How would our shampoo strip a horse of its natural oils!? Uhhh, hello, we have natural oils in our hair too, so your saying we our selves shouldn't use our shampoo! Well, that's a new one, tell me when it's on the news, cause I sure as heck haven't seen it there!

I suggest Dawn dish soap it works awesome on horses especially white horses!

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Q: Can you wash a horse with your shampoo?
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A special horse shampoo and a sponge

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Horse Shampoo, Wash Brush, Bucket, Warm Water, Combing Brush

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Its shampoo you clean your horse with.

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