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Not in my experience! It's very sticky. Even with warm water and soap, it can take a really good latering to get it off the skin. I can't comment on it's potency after watering it down with cold or warm water; just the clean up effort. Yes, soap and water will rinse it away. Water alone will also do the job. I hope you're asking about sperm on your skin and not inside of you - because water will not wash enough sperm out of you to be effective.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-07 18:11:47
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Q: Can you wash away sperm with cold water?
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Cn yo wash away sperm with cold water?

no cold water cannot wash it off u should really be eating it anyway its very anti ageging

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sperm is like lotion.. when its on your skin and you rub it.. it has that smooth texture... when you rub it on your skin it does the same thing as still lives

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