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Can you wash your contaminated swimsuit in bleach to keep algae from growing in your pool?

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Bleach can easily deteriorate spandex or lycra in a bathing suit. Probably not a good idea.

2006-07-16 22:31:08
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Can algae grow in diesel fuel?

No. Algae need sunlight to grow. Old truck drivers and uninformed people will insist they are growing algae in their fuel tanks. Most of the time it's a microbial colony growing between the water contaminated tank and the diesel fuel.

What do you do about algae growing in your whole house filter?

If you have algae growing in your whole house filter, you will want to take care of it before it grows any further. You will need to discard the old filters, clean the housing with bleach to kill the algae, and put new filters in.

Bleach kill algae?

Bleach will kill algae, but mix it with water first. it will also burn your skin

What can I use in my water fountain to kill bugs that's not chlorine?

Try bleach. It should kill the bugs and keep algae from growing.

How does bleach kill algae?

Bleach is an oxidant. it literally eats away the outer layer of many types of algae.

Why does bottled water have algae?

Bottled water is basically 100% pure water(H2O). The bottle is air-tight to prevent contamination, this means that it is only filled with nothing but water and not algae. The presence of algae growing in it means that it's contaminated and it is generally unsafe to drink.

Why does your garden path turn green?

Could be moss growing or algae, wash the path down with bleach, its not permanent but it will prevent it coming back for a while.

Does chorine bleach kill algae or mold in pool?

Definitely. Chlorine bleach is highly recommended to kill algae and mold in any situation.

How do you remove algae from your pool?

I used bleach

How do you prevent algae from growing in your koi pond?

you kill the algae

How do you kill algae in swimming pools?

Bleach or Clorox.

How lichens help algae?

Lichen is algae growing together with fungi.

How do you clean the algae from your pool then maintain it?

sock it with chlorine, bleach

How do you get rid of algae growing in a toilet tank?

I'd say pour in a cup or so of bleach, brush it a bit, maybe let it sit a few minutes, and flush a couple of times.

How do you get rid of algae from pond?

Chlorine or bleach. But not if you keep fish, frogs or plants in it. They'll die as well as the algae.

What are microscopic plants growing in the ocean?


What animal has algae growing in its hair?

Sloths .

How long does shock bleach take to kill algae?

The length of time it takes for shock bleach to kill algae varies depending on the amount of shock used. Generally, this takes between two and three days.

When pool starts to turn green is it algae or moss?

algae. you need a sanitizer to keep it from growing!

What can you wash your swimsuit with after swimming in a pond to prevent transferring algae to swimming pool?

Regular clothes detergent should suffice.

How do you get algae out of swim trunks?

Wash with a small amount of color safe bleach.

How does coral survive?

algae growing off of it supplies it with stuff to live and the algae gets help too:)

Does algae harm fish?

If the algae is growing on the fish, the answer should be no. Algae growing on fish is a form of commensalism, which one life form benefits, while the other isn't benefited, yet isn't harmed at the same time. Most fish, no.

How does brain coral survive?

algae growing off of it supplies it with stuff to live and the algae gets help too:)

Is one of the most photosynthetic and fastest growing organisms?