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Can you watch CD on a DVD player?

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yes every DVD player can read CD ... therefore you can watch cd on a DVD player

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You don't a DVD will not work on the PS1 CD player

the dvd you watch to and the cd you listen to.

A DVD can not be used in a CD Player, but a CD can be used in a DVD Player.

No the Playstation has only a CD player and the PS2 has a DVD player

No, But you can play a CD in a DVD player.

a CD is like a DVD but the DVD cant be played in a radio and a CD cant be played in a DVD player

you can use DVD audio ripper to rip audio from DVD and then play on CD player

it depends. are you using a DVD/ CD player? or are you using just a plain CD player? if ur using the CD player, it wont work because it doesn't have a screen. if your using a DVD/ CD player, it will work just fine. A DVD will not play in a CD-only player -- even a CD-ROM drive that does not have DVD hardware built in. The stepper motors and lenses for a DVD-ROM drive are far more precise than a CD drive, and the CD drive cannot physically read the tiny information on the DVD surface.

You cannot play a DVD on a CD player. You can play (most) CDs on a DVD player, depending on the player's software/configuration.

Coz you burned the movie on CD rather than on DVD disc, then when you play it on your DVD player, you could only hear the sound but couldn't get the video. You need to change the CD to DVD, and reburn the movie to a blank DVD disc, then there will be no problem for you to watch it on DVD player. More details in followed link

It's very, very unlikely. If you have a DVD/CD combo player, then perhaps, but you cannot if it's only a standard CD player.

Because u have no CD-writer/DVD-writer/combo drive.even if u have this,media player also shows that;its simple,there is no CD or DVD in DVD-ROM or DVD-ram.

The term "Ripping" refers to taking audio or audio-visual material from a CD or DVD and copying it onto your computer. When you tell Windows Media Player to "Rip" something it will then copy whatever you have selected from your CD or DVD onto your computer so that you no longer need to place it into the computer's CD or DVD drive to watch/listen to it.

Although CD players and DVD players share the same disc transport system, the laser and virtually all the electronics are different. A CD player cannot read DVDs although most DVD players will read and play CDs without a problem. So, a CD player will always be a CD player and never a DVD player. The best thing to use a CD player for is to play CDs or, if it happens to be able to read and display images from a CD, then perhaps you can use it for picture viewing.

CD - or DVD ! If it's CD - then yes, if it's a DVD, then nope - the playback machines are different.

A portable cd player will only play cds. A portable dvd player will play dvds, as well as cds. A dvd player is mostly different in that it will play movies.

No, a different kind of laser is needed to read a DVD, a CD player can't read one.

insert dvd into dvd player and press play :L

you need a dvd compatible disc not a cd

Yes, a DVD player can play a CD. Instead of showing a video, you will see a menu on your screen to control your music selections.

Could it be in up side down or is it a DVD?

yes you can absolutely use a monitor to watch movies from a DVD player.

It is impossible to make an audio DVD that would play in a CD player. DVDs are made for DVD players, not CD players. You could use iTunes to make a Data DVD, but that still wouldn't play in a CD player. It might not even play in a DVD player. Sorry, you'll probably have to stick with CDs for audio.

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