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Yes. Everything depends on your taste. Just make sure that you have a blue theme wedding or winter wedding to match your blue wedding gown. Consult a wedding planner to better get ideas.

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Q: Can you wear a blue wedding dress to your wedding?
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Can the bride wear a pink dress for a wedding?

Yes in fact you can even wear blue, green or any color if you want because it is your wedding.

What kind of a dress do you wear to a wedding?

A female guest of the wedding can wear a dress or pantsuit. The length of the dress depends on how formal of a wedding. It is customary to not wear the color white.

What color dress did Kate Middleton's mother wear to the wedding?

Light grey blue

Do you have to wear a wedding dress on your wedding day?

No, you do not have to wear a 'wedding dress' on your wedding day. Many women choose not to wear a traditional dress when they get married.

Is it proper Wedding dress to reception weeks after wedding?

If you are having a somewhat formal reception in a tent, restaurant, hotel or somewhere that guests are expected to dress up; you can wear your wedding dress (people will want to see you in it) but if you are having a laid back event then don't wear your dress unless it is a casual dress without a train. You can just wear a pretty dress in ivory, blue, pink or pale yellow that isn't a wedding dress.

How would you dress for your wedding?

I would wear a wedding dress that fits and suits ME!

What color dress did lily wear to her wedding?

She wore a red dress in her wedding with Rufus.

Can you wear a red dress at a wedding?

That is a tradition of Chinese people on their wedding day. But i t is the bride to wear a red dress with the development of economy and culture there is no limit to this , so i think you can wear a red dress at a wedding .

What is inappropriate to wear at a wedding?

If you're not the bride - a wedding dress.

Can a woman wear white to a wedding if it is accessorized with another color?

* Etiquette dictates that the only person at a wedding wearing white should be the bride and she is the center of attention. You could wear a white/blue dress or white/black dress, but not a full white dress.

What if you don't wear a dress on your wedding day?

Then you don't wear a dress. No big deal.

Should a boy wear a wedding dress on his wedding and the girl wear a wedding dress to?

If it has been agreed upon by both parties there is no reason why a boy cannot wear a wedding dress to his weddingln a traditional wedding with the boy in a suit or tux and the girl in a dressIt dippens what theme is on the wedding day.

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