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You could do, but maybe secret socks would be better.

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Golf shoes are dress shoes and men with visible dark hair on their legs can hardly pull off dress shoes, when he's wearing shorts, unless he's wearing some kind of loafers, the only dress shoes that also look cool in shorts as well as with a suit.

But other than that dressiness and hair don't mix. Leg hair don't look bad in men, but that comes at the price of a whole range of clothes and shoes that can't be paired with shorts, but if you shave your legs you can wear dress shoes too, like women do, with shorts. If that's the case, don't wear white socks, but black or dark ones, and ankle length. If you don't want socks to show, wear low cut socks, if you can't stand them. You can only really go without socks with loafers, other than sandals, given they are low cut enough.

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Yes you can. If you were to put on a shirt of a different color it might be dangerous though. Yet sometime even wrong outfits can work.

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Q: Can you wear a white shirt black vest and khaki pants?
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A purple tie goes with khaki pants and a white shirt.

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Black or Khaki pants. Females can also wear Black or Khaki skirt or dress. White or black shirt - must have sleeves. Black or Dark Blue Polo Closed-toed black or Khaki shoes

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Yes, since 2011-2012 school uniform includes khaki/black pants with school shirt or white/black oxford style shirt.

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yes. a white shirt and khaki pants/skirt

What goes with these Nike White and Blue Blazers?

Well , if the blazer you meant is a jacket , then you might want to wear a white T-shirt on the inside and khaki pants. If you meant that nike model , then you might want to wear a white T-shirt and khaki pants well and a jacket , if you want .

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A white shirt

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What do Hawaii Girl Scout uniforms look like?

Girl Scouts of Hawaii are part of Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA). Their uniforms are that same uniforms that members of GSUSA wear. Girl Scout Daisies wear a blue tunic or vest with blue shorts, pants or skirt and a white shirt. Girl Scout Brownies wear a brown vest or sash with a white or blue shirt and brown skort or pants. Girl Scout Juniors wear a green vest or sash with a whit shirt and khaki pants, shorts, or skirt. Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors wear a khaki vest or sash with a white shirt and khaki skirt, shorts or pants.