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unfortunately not so i advise if you want to get another hole in your ear to wait until after Field Hockey season!!

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Q: Can you wear earrings while playing field hockey?
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Can hockey players wear headsets while playing ice hockey?


What is the difference between ice hockey and field hockey?

Ice hockey is played on ice, while field hockey is played on a grass surface, the rules in field hockey are kinder than ice hockey, and the sticks vary between versions.

Can you get paid while playing hockey?

if your in the nhl

What will my son learn playing ice hockey?

Your son will learn teamwork and sportsmanship while playing hockey.

Is it better for a hockey player to dribble in a upright position or otherwise?

It depends upon the circumstances on the field, while you are playing against a team.

What do left halves do while playing field hockey?

They do the same as centre and right half. They help the ball throught and attack and defend when needed.

Which muscles does one use when playing hockey?

While playing hockey, someone exercise most if not all the muscles in the body, as the hockey is a very physically intensive sport.

Can people wear earrings while playing basketball?

Technically, No. But for me i put in small clear earrings that i get at Hot Topic or maybe even Claires has some.

How many players are in hockey team?

There must be seven players in hockey team while playing a match.

Are lacrosse and field hockey balls the same?

No, lacrosse balls are smaller than field hockey balls. In addition, lacrosse balls are made with a hard, foam like material; while field hockey balls are made with hard plastic.

When did India participate in hockey for the first time in the Olympics?

While they have never participated in ice hockey they have been participating in field hockey since 1928.

What is the national pastime in Canada?

playing lacrosse or hockey while drunk

Where are hockey sticks made?

Most hockey sticks are made in Pakistan, while most Field hockey gear including Mazon and Gryphon are made in Engand/United Kingdom

Why did hockey players begin to wear helmets while playing?

To protect their heads from injuries.

Are you allowed to wear earrings while playing a volleyball game?

i dont know, i did but then i got hit by the yes

When did Justin Vaive start playing hockey?

Justin Vaive started playing hockey at age 4 in South Carolina while his dad coached the ECHL's South Carolina Stingrays.

In field hockey what is a dangerous hit?

A dangerous hit in field hockey is if you hit the ball in the air while a person is in the way of it or has to take evasive action to avoid it. If no one is in the way, it is perfectly fine but you can raise it into the "D".

How many NHL players have died?

Over 100,000,000 have died while playing ice hockey.

What is the only major league sport that allows players to be substituted while playing?

Ice Hockey

What are some differences between ice hockey and field hockey?

Playing surface: field hockey is played on fields, ice hockey is played on ice. Goals in field hockey are much larger. The field is much larger than the rink, almost 50% further in both dircetions.Equipment: field hockey players rarely wear more than a mouthguard and shinguards, while goalkeepers wear some extra padding and a helmet. Ice hockey players wear a lot of protective equipment, including shin- and armpads, helmets, mouthgaurds, chestpads and gloves. The shape and size of the stick in each sport is also markedly different.Teams: ice hockey teams can have 20 players, of which 6 play on the ice at any time. Field hockey teams can have 16 players, of which 11 can play on the field at any time. There is no specification on what positions must be included in a field hockey team, while ice hockey rosters have certain proportions that must be either goalkeepers or onice players.Rules: ice hockey is considerably more restrictive in how a game may be played, such as restrictions on where the puck can be passed, but comparatively quite violent - bodychecking is allowed as well as other forms of physical contact, and fighting is not considered a major violation. In field hockey, physical contact is very rare, and only occurs in normal contest for the ball (not as an option for making a tackle). the ball can be played in virtually any way that does not cause danger.Gameplay: ice hockey features a lot more time stoppages, like many north American sports, than field hockey. A field hockey team cannot choose when they have a timeout either. The ways of moving a ball/puck around are very different; in ice hockey, players may use their hands or skates, while in field hockey, the ball is often raised high above the surface or juggled on the stick.

Can you switch hands while playing field hockey for sideline hits?

Although there is no reason to change hands, it is perfectly acceptable to use your stick with whichever hand you want provided it fits within the rules.

What are three safety concerns while playing field hockey?

The ball is travelling at high speed so if it hits you you can get seriously injured You can get hit with a stick Slipping over can pull muscles/ tear ligaments

What is the aim of field hockey?

To score more goals than the other team, while stopping from scoring against you.

Which Cricketer died on the field while playing Cricket?

Raman lamba

What came first hockey or soccer?

That depends on whether you are referring to Ice Hockey or Field Hockey. Soccer originated with the ancient game of Harpastum, played by the Roman Legions, while Ice Hockey was invented in Canada in the 19th Century. Field Hockey, on the other hand is known to have been played in Ancient Greece at the Olympic Games. There is a monument in the museum at Olympia which depicts two players with typical curved field hockey sticks in a face-off position and a ball between them.