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Yes you can as long as you earned it when you were Enlisted. You are authorized to wear up to 2 Warfare devices. If you have earned your SWO, then the ESWS must be worn in the secondary position.

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Q: Can you wear the Enlisted Surface Warfare Device as an O-4?
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What side of the uniform does the U.S. Navy ESWS badge go on?

The Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist Designator, like all Navy Warfare emblems before it (Submarine Dolphins, SEAL Trident device, etc.) is worn on the left breast of the uniform above the ribbon devices, if any are authorized. However, if the member is qualified in more than one Warfare Specialty, the current warfare specialty the member is working in takes precedence for uniform requirements. For example, as a Submariner, I of course had Dolphins to wear once I became Qualified in Submarines, but we did have the occasional skimmer (surface navy guy) go insane and volunteer for the Submarine Force. If he was Qualified as an ESWS, and then subsequently became Qualified in Submarines, he would wear the Submarine Warfare badge (Dolphins) in the normal spot above the ribbon device, since he was currently serving in the Submarine Force and not the Surface Navy. The ESWS badge would then be worn underneath the ribbon device.

Why do officers wear their rank on their shoulders and enlisted on their sleeves?

US military officers wear their rank on their shoulders and enlisted personnel wear their rank on their sleeves. This is meant to be symbolic of the fact that the enlisted use their arms (strength) to win battles. Officers on the other hand have the weight of command (decisions) on their shoulders . Thus, the tradition follows.

Can you wear your previously awarded EIB on your now enlisted Navy uniform?


If you have the Fleet Marine Force Warfare device do you rate the Fleet Marine Force service ribbon as well?

No - the Fleet Marine Force Service Ribbon was established in 1984 by then Secretary of the Navy John Lehman, to be worn by eligible Navy personnel serving with the Marines between 1984 and 2006. The FMF Ribbon is a separate device altogether from the FMFW, and as such has different eligibility requirements. If you meet eligibility requirements for both devices (you rate and are eligible to wear the FMFW device, and also rate and are eligible to wear the ribbon), then yes, you can wear both. Otherwise, just rating the FMFW device does not automatically entitle you to wear the FMF ribbon.

When were the US Navy's enlisted submariners first allowed to wear silver dolphins?

I found that it was not until 1950 that enlisted Submariners were allowed to wear the silver dolphins as a breast insigna on their dress uniforms - replacing the silk, embroidered, sleeve insignia. A history of the US Submarine Insigna (on also indicated that in 1943 an enlisted Submariner who wascommissioned as an officer could wear silver dolphins as a breast insigna until he earned his "gold" dolphins. also has examples of the various designs for the insignia.

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Can you wear ribbons only on navy dress white uniform choker?

You can only wish. Ribbons are worn on all officer and chief uniforms except fatigues. Enlisted wear them on all dress uniforms.

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What medals that an officer cannot wear if they were prior enlisted?

Any medals, ribbons, or badges they were awarded as an enlisted soldier can be worn as an officer, so long as they're in the same branch. Some branches are selective about which awards from other services they'll permit to be worn on their uniforms.

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In military rank insignia are the primary method of identification. In most countries officers wear their ranks on their shoulders but some also wear ranks on collar. Enlisted men or Non-commissioned officers wear their ranks on their arms or collars. In majority of Navies officers also wear their ranks on sleeves.

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