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Can you wear toilet paper as a pad?


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dont be daft.
go poundland if you cant aford it!
thats just not right,use a pad or a tampon.

I've used toilet paper instead of pads or tampons for 25 years and I swear by it. I've tried both pads and tampons at different times in my life and can't stand them; the pads used to be too bulky and the newer thin ones give me a bad rash due to something inside the gel. Tampons are ok for swimming, but I've just never liked them. Recently I bought a Diva cup and tried that for a few months, but while I like it while it's actually inside of me, I find putting it in and taking it out rather cumbersome and sometimes it hurts if I don't get it in the right spot.

Toilet paper is as easy and convenient as it gets. I never have to worry about being caught in a public bathroom unprepared and disposal is easy because I just flush it away. I've had more leaks from actual "official" pads than I have with toilet paper. I can adjust the thickness to my flow very easily, and I can make it longer at night to accomodate laying down. I'd still like to be more environmentally friendly (which is why I bought the Diva cup six months ago) so I'm considering a switch to organic re-usable cotton pads, but toilet paper has served me very, very well and I"m sure I'm not the only woman in the world who uses it in place of a regular pad.