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no of course you cant! no of course you cant!

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โˆ™ 2008-12-17 10:29:48
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Q: Can you wear vest tops with high-waisted shorts?
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Which clothes should you wear in summer?

You should where Shorts and Vest

What to wear with your new high waisted shorts?

The best top to wear to show off the shorts if a plain vest top. If your shorts are a dark denim, choose a white vest top. If they are lighter, colours can look really effective.

Wear can one purchase vest tops?

Vest tops can be purchased at most high street stores in the UK. Most stores sell a good choice of vest tops, in a choice of sizes, for both men and women. Some typical stores selling vest tops are Primark, Next, Dorothy Perkins and BHS.

What did seigneurs wear?

they wore crop tops and high wasted shorts

What do pole vaulters wear?

pole vaulters wear tight spandex for the bottom shorts or under armor. for the tops they wear tank tops or tight fitting tops. for the shoes they wear spikes.your welcome and have a nice day=]

What do girls wear in the summer?

Most female teenagers tend to wear tank tops or halter tops, jeans, and flip-flops during the summer. Sometimes they wear jean shorts or any other kind of shorts. And sometimes sundresses too.

What do girlz wear?

girls wear t-shirt and tank tops also short shorts and regyaler shorts. and more lol alot lot more........

What kinds of clothing would you wear in the Sahara desert?

light cotton colours shorts and vest and sandles.

What to the men in France usually wear?

they tend to wear stripey tops and black skinnies, or shorts... but most of the time the clothes we wear :))

What soccer teams wear purple jerseys?

Fiorentina wear purple tops, shorts and socks whilst playing at home.

Swim wear in the 1920s?

Usually one pieces w/ short shorts and tank tops

What clothes do people in Barbados wear?

shirts, tank tops, pants, shorts, skirts, and shoes

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