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Societal standards for colors of clothing by season have been relaxed since the 1960s, and only those interested in following the old fashion rules know that women are not supposed to wear white before Memorial Day and after Labor Day.

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What color shoes should you not wear before Memorial Day?

I heard that you should'nt wear white shoes before memorial day.

Why should you not wear white before the 1st day of spring?

It used to be you shouln't wear white before Memorial day and after Labor day. Now, as long as it is tasteful, you can wear it whenever.

Why do you have to where white on Memorial Day but cant wear it after or before?

I think it may be for honor. I'm not sure. :)

Is wearing white before Memorial Day ok?

Yes. That old rule about no white before Memorial Day has fallen into disuse years ago.

What color aren't you supposed to wear after Labor Day?

According to longstanding tradition in the South, white is not to be worn either before Memorial Day or after Labor Day.

What do you wear on Memorial Day?

Red white and blue to honor veterans

When can i wear white again?

I would think, that since Labor day is the traditional last day to wear white, Memorial day would be the first, but you shouldn't allow anyone to dictate your wardrobe, if you want to wear white in February do it.

When is it allowable to wear white pants?

Generally, people wear white pants starting on Memorial Day (May 31, 2010) and stop on Labor Day. (September 6, 2010)

When can you wear white pants?

When I was growing up, it was always said you wear white after memorial day prior to Labor Day. But today I have to ask why? Wear white when you want to. It looks so nice all year round so go for it...

What color are the lights on Memorial Day at the Empire State Building?

Today I went to New York City, the day before Memorial Day. They had a Red, white and blue in the tower. So it is red, white and blue.

If you can't wear white after Labor Day when can you start wearing it again?

It is an old fashioned notion that one should not wear white after Labor Day. The 'season' begins after Memorial Day. In the South, one can wear white again after Easter. (This is probably because it gets warmer sooner in the South.)

Can you wear white shoes before Labor Day?


Can I wear white after Labor Day?

The rule was that you can only wear white after Memorial Day and up until Labor Day. It's not so much about the color as it is about the fabric and style. White wool is very popular in the winter. White sweaters are popular, too. For the most part, white shoes are reserved for summer, as our purses and belts. Use good judgment. When in doubt, don't wear it.

At what time should you open your pool?

around memorial day weekend or the week before that if you want to go swimmimg memorial day weekend. i do it the week before memorial day weekend

Do you wear white on Palm Sunday?

You may wear white on Palm Sunday, your certainly would if you are being baptized on that day. In the past, one was not supposed to wear white before Easter Sunday.

What kind of stuff do people wear to represent Memorial Day?

u can only wear white and blue. you can never where that color after that day or u will have bad look!:[ loser think some time? please HELP them!

When can you start wearing white after Labor Day?

You may start wearing white after Memorial Day.

What Are the Memorial Day colors?

Red, White & ,Blue

Can you wear white in January?

you can wear white any day of the year...

What are the colors that represent Memorial Day and why?

red, white and blue

Can you wear white shoes after Labor Day?

Labor Day is the last day of the year that white shoes are considered stylish, but some people wear white shoes after that.

Can member of the Order of Eastern Star wear white pantsuits?

Yes, but only before Labor Day.

What colors priests wear on Mother's Day?

Mothers' day is no a religious day. Priests have 5 liturgical colors. What they wear is determined by the solemnity, feast, memorial on that day and not by Mothers' day

When is Saint Valentine's memorial?

his memorial is February 14 the day he died His memorial is February 14, the day he died.

What is the proper adjective for Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is the proper adjective for Memorial Day, as in Memorial day ceremony or Memorial day dinner

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