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Can you work while on disability?

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The Social Security definition of

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Can you work while claiming disability allowance?


Can you file for unemployment benefits while on disability?

No because you have to be able to work

Can you work a different job while collecting long term disability?


Can you collect some kind of disability while out of work during recovery from a knee replacement if you have no disability insurance of your own or through work and 55 years old?

Not unless your disability is expected to last one year or longer. You can try to apply for Social Security disability, because you won't qualify for individual or workplace disability insurance while disabled.

Can a person work while on social security disability income?

I believe there are ways to make additional income when on disability. You will have to find out the maximum amount your allowed to make while on disability. You are permitted to make up to a certain amount in addition to the amount disability pays you.

Can i apply for social security disability while receiving short term disability check from work?

Sure. But Social Security eligibility requires that your disability be "permanent and total."

Can you work while drawing a disability check?

Probably not, because you are receiving the disability benefit BECAUSE you cannot work. If your state has different rules it's best to confer with them as to exceptions.

Can you collect disability after your disability claim is closed and you are able to work?

If you are able to work you are not eligible for disability benefits.

Is colorblindness a disability?

While it is a disability, it is not normally classified as such for purposes of Disability Laws.

Can you get unempolyment while getting long term disability?

Disability benefits are received if you are unable to work. Unemployment is paid if you are able to work and actively searching for employment. These two definitions are contradictory, so you won't be able to legally collect disability benefits and unemployment.

Can you get a job while receiving Social Security Disability benefits?

You are supposed to be too disabled to work

Can you work while collecting disability?

no i believe not because they believe you are a hundred percent or able to work so you stop getting your funding

Can a person collect unemployment benefits in IL while on Long term disability?

No, if you have a long term disability then you are not eligible for unemployment. That is why on unemployment claims they ask, "Are you able to work?" If you are disabled and not able to work then you do not qualify for unemployment.

Can you attend class while on short term disability?

Short term disability pay benefits if you are unable to work at your full time occupation. It does not prevent you from attending class.

Can you apply for a disability insurance if you have cancer?

Yes, if you are unable to work. ANSWER: Actually, if you are currently UNABLE to work, you can NOT apply for disability INSURANCE. You have to be actively at work to get insurance for disability.

In Texas can a person accept private disability and unemployment payments at the same time?

No. I was recently laid off while on disability. The law in Texas says you have to be able to physically be able to work so if you are on disability you can't work. This is NOT correct! Social Security Disability allows you to work even if you are 100% disabled! They limit how much you can earn. (Your unemployment income will NOT reduce your disability payment because SS does not consider it to be employment income!)

Can you draw disability and still work?

can you draw disability and still work Type your answer here...

Can you collect New York State unemployment while on disability?

if you are fired while on disability can you collect unemployment?

Can you work if you are on disability?


Can you use for in place of because of?

Because of is "due to". In some instances you could substitute with.Because of my disability, I can't work.Due to my disability, I can't work.With my disability, I can't work.

Can I collect both long term disability benefits and unemployment benefits while waiting for next disability benefit at the end of October?

In order to collect unemployment benefits, you must be physically able to work. In order to get disability benefits, you must NOT be able to work. So you can't have it both ways.

Can you collect unemployment while on Social Security Disability in the state of New York?

To collect unemployment you have to be actively seeking work and able to do the work. Receiving Social Security Disability implies you may not be able to either, so probably not.

Can you sell your property while getting disability insurance?

There is no restriction on what you can do with your property, while receiving disability insurance benefits.

Can you work at a menial paying job while collecting social security disability?

Yes, there is a limit as to how much you may earn, but the disability is based upon your inability to earn at your previous level.

While drawing 100 percent disability are you allowed to have a job?

Having 100% disability is only gotten if it's proven you are unable to work. If you work while receiving the benefit, they may charge you with fraud, so it's not worth it. Better to show them you're able to work, remove yourself from the benefit and be safe. Now, having said that, if the agency paying you the benefit says you can do some types of work, given your particular disability, at least then you can do so with their knowledge and blessings.