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Yes, thatis a grammaticallycrrect use of the word. I most often hear it used as a negative word meaning bad. 'That was an abysmal performance.'

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Q: Can you you use the word abysmal in a sentence such as 'Your friendship is abysmal'?
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How do you use abysmal in a sentence?

It means Extremely bad. Example: do not touch that, it is abysmal.

How do you use the word friendship in a sentence?

Your friendship means a lot to me. I value our friendship.

Use the word abysmal in a sentence?

The coach was furious about our abysmal performance on the basketball court. We hoped to have the picnic outside, but the weather was cold, stormy and downright abysmal. After getting an abysmal score on the exam, I signed up for some tutoring. That team has an abysmal record and they haven't won a game all year.

How do you use the word irreplaceable in a sentence?

The value of friendship is irreplaceable

How would you use the word irreparable in a sentence?

Our friendship was beginning to be irreparable.

How do you use the word restored in a sentence?

You can use this word in a sentence like this:The ancient building was restored by local workers yesterday morning.Or,The friendship between us was restored by our cooperation in the project.

A word politicans always use to describe the living conditions in slums?

Appalling, Abysmal, Deplorable

How do you use friendship in a sentence?

Like this... My friendship with Caitlin went downhill after she spread rumors about me.

How do you use irreparably in a sentence?

"Their friendship was irreparably damaged."

Use proffer in a sentence?

I want to proffer my friendship with you.

How can you use the word abrasiveness in a sentence?

The abrasiveness of his words were hurtful, and she soon broke off their friendship. Hopefully that's the right usage.

How do you use the word sneaky in a sentence?

how can you use the word sneaky in a sentence

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