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Q: Can your 16-year-old daughter leave the country without permission?
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Can your ex wife get a passport for your daughter without your permission?


Can your 16 year old daughter leave the country without permission?

No, they cannot leave at age 16. They need parental permission to get a passport. Otherwise, they need to wait until they turn 18.

What legal actions can you take if your 17 year old daughter got a tattoo without your permission?

Nothing... She is old enough to get a tattoo without your permission.

Can my 17 year old daughter legally leave the country with her Turkish boyfriend to go back to his country in Iran without our permission she intends to go for 6 months. many thanks?

no she can NOT no she can NOT

I sent my son an email and my daughter in law read it without his permission. Is that a crime?


Can you get married at fourteen without parent's permission?

You can't get married at 14 with your parents permission in any civilised country never mind without their permission.

What does sorayas mother think of amir's talking to her daughter without permission?

Soraya's mother thinks negatively of Amir talking to her daughter without permission. However, she reflects of mistakes she made as a young woman. Amir at one point asks Soraya's father for permission to marry her

Can a 18 year old get married without parents permission?

Yes at least in the UK they can without permission. It will depend what Country you are in I suppose.

Can you take your daughter out of state without your husbands permission?

Not if she's been made a 'ward of court' !

Do people have the right to use my dead daughter's name in commerce without my permission?

no they absaloutly do not is illegal

Can fly to another country without a permission of your parent if you are 17?

No you have to be 18.

Can exs girlfriend take your kid out of country without permission from mom?


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