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Can your 17 yr old daughter move out of her fathers home and move in with you her mother you live in Florida?

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Assuming Dad has custody, then he would have to agree to let daughter move in with you OR you would have to petition the court for a change of custody.

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Can a mother in the military take a child from his fathers home?

Not without a custody award.

In Florida can your sister force her 16-year-old daughter to move back home after she gave her permission to live with you?

Yes, if there is not a court order granting custody or guardianship to the relative, the mother has the legal right to have her daughter returned to the family home, by whatever means necessary.

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thts really bad

Does a mother have the right to just take the child out of the home and leave without the fathers concent?

Provided there's not custody order in place.

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im sooo bored lol! hi person! yay

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Legally a teenager under the age of 18 cannot move out of their parents home in Florida. This law applies even if the teenager has a child of their own and you would have to have permission from your parents.

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Florida-you have homestead on a house that you are surrendering your mother has given you a mobile home can you file a new homestead on the mobile home?

You may file a new homestead exemption by following the statutory requirements explained at the link provided below.

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Can a 17 year old move out of her mothers home and into her biological fathers home without the mothers consent in Florida if legal custody was never established?

yeah I believe you can, I think you get a choice when you are 13 which parent you want to live with

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In Kansas can a 14 year old move out of hisher fathers house and in with there mother without legal problems. How about if i feel that I being neglected?

You must speak to your mother about the problems going on at home. She can petition the court for custody.