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Yes, I belive it can as the virus can spread anywere


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Wikianswers isn't a game, but it is 100% virus free.

How would you get a virus from a computer game? No you cannot get a virus

No, it is a computer game.

No. It's a disney game it wont have a virus.

Animal Jam is an extremely safe game, that has no downloads or viruses. Rest assured that you will not get any type of virus by playing Animal Jam.

The air of the player in the Retrovirus computer game is to find and eliminate the virus. One has a number of anti virus tools available to try and defeat the virus.

depends if computer 2002 is a virus or a game

No, it is an Online Role Playing Game.

Hes a computer the whole time. You have to get into the game then you find out hes a computer with a virus and you have to change him to a nice computer then you completed the game!

No it is not computer virus. The thing here is that the game is so old that some anti-vir programs consider it as virus. I have downloaded the game via several sources and sometimes I got the report that it is a virus though there is no virus. Game is playable and does not contain and viruses or hacks. It is a false virus alert! So do not worry. Play and enjoy it.

there is not any forces whilst playing netball, it is a game for girls...

No. I can assure you that does NOT give your pc a virus. i always play that game and my computer never had a virus.

it is a virus that comes from certain game websites witch can effect your computer turning it into to a zombie iphones and ipods can be damaged if connected to your computer

Not a virus, a game. It is a realtime strategy game crossed with a role playing game. It is based off of the warcraft 3 map "DotA".

yes it will crash your computer

Most likely not because I've played WolfQuest and Feral Heart for a while now and nothing has happened to my computer so have fun playing feral heart! add me: jasperstone Enjoy the game!

Well, first off, not all games allow you to play your music whilst playing the game. yes, whilst is a word. anyway, you need to put the CD in the XBox, then burn it to the hardrive, then you put in the game, and depending on what game you are playing, you should be able to play the game and listen to the music from your XBox.

No, your computer will not attain a virus through hacks. Chances are, however, that you will lose access to your game account, so try not to lose it!

No, it doesnot gives a virus, but however, in some cases, it slows down your computer........

As A Game, Pop Ups, A Empty File And It Does Not Have Any Thing In It. If You Open Any Of These You Have A Virus.

No it cant. But it can put you into addiction to the game. :)

no but near the end of the game it freezes up

i believe its called HackTheGame with no spaces

I would say no. It installed a virus on my computer.

those who have written this question i may realised that either they do not know about the computer or it may have that he or she have much wrong knowledge about the computer because know such computer is there that makes to play the game without affecting the load in the processor and the load or extra load not make the computer components faster or more reliable but it may make your computer much more slower or it may make you computer damage your computer when you download the game it may happen any unwanted malware or spy ware or any other virus may affect when you have not the sufficient anti virus or it may happens it is the is anti virus that your anti virus cannot tracks your virus

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