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No. The dentist would always be sure your teeth were healthy before putting the braces on. If you had over-lapping teeth (your teeth are too large to let others come in aligned your dentist may pull the odd one) before the braces are applied.

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Q: Can your adult teeth fall out if the orthodontist tightens your braces too tight or even just a bit?
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Who puts braces on your teeth?

The orthodontist applies braces to your teeth and tightens the wires that join the braces. Tightening is usually done on a monthly basis. Your orthodontist will have a game plan in place for how the teeth will be moved, either by wire tightening, or by the use of headgear and/or elastics.

Who can put braces on your teeth?

An orthodontist can put braces on your teeth

Why do braces hurt?

Actually, braces don't hurt. Your teeth are just sore from the orthodontist treatment you've been receiving. Your teeth are moving. In my case, my teeth aren't sore anymore because I've had them for almost two years. But your teeth could become sore if your orthodontist tightens your braces. Don't worry... the soreness will get away soon. Just hang in there.

When you have braces is it normal for your teeth to be loose?

Probably not. If you just got it and it doesn't hurt, wait a bit because braces work through subtle pressure and slowly tightens your teeth. If you have had them for a while, call your orthodontist because you might have broken it or something.

What a typical day for a orthodontist?

A typical day for an orthodontist is going to work and seeing patients all day. An orthodontist will apply braces to teeth, make adjustments on braces, and removing braces.

If you have caresource insurance can you get braces?

It depend on which orthodontist will take caresource but aslong as you have an orthodontist that take caresource you can get braces , but it depends on how severe your teeth are

How do you make your teeth join up?

Go to an Orthodontist and get braces

What do you call a person who applies braces on a patients teeth?


What part of body does your orthodontist look after?

your teeth.(like mine) when you have braces you need an orthodontist.

What is a sentence for orthodontist?

Example sentence - The orthodontist planned his vacation the week after he put braces on my teeth.

Do you really need all your adult teeth for braces?

Depends, you definitely can't get braces on baby teeth, but i've known people to get them while they still have some baby teeth and some permanent teeth. It depends on what your orthodontist recommends, a couple of my friends have had removable braces, and then had fixed ones. If your adult teeth aren't coming through, orthodontists can remove them. Hope this helped :)

How do you decrease the gap between the frount teeth?

Go to the orthodontist and get braces

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