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Of course, working together allowed you to meet in different circumstances. By that I mean you probably got to know and respect each other before you started shagging, and you also probably had a lot in commen. If you are not married and don't have kids then break it with the other partners and be together - life is too short. If you do (have kids/marriage)just be sure because it will take work, but sounds like you have the real deal to me XX I think it depends if the both of you likes each other. No.

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โˆ™ 2006-10-21 11:32:48
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Q: Can your best friend who is also a co-worker be your soulmate and the best lover you've ever had when both he and you are in other relationships?
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What are the three types of relationships?

Romantic, Friends, Parenting? ---- Answer: If only three (and posetive ones i presume) then basicly. Family, friend and lover.----

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It has a few meanings. It can mean: 1. Brother / sister / soul-brother /soul-sister 2. Friend 3. Lover / lifelong companian / soulmate

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What is the difference between friend and lover?

A friend is just a friend, and a lover is your boyfriend/girlfriend, or husband/wife. However, it helps if your partner is also your best friend!

What does the word Lover mean in terms of relationships?

Lover could mean you are very sexually active with another.

How i can know if my friend likes me as lover not as his friend?

ask him

What is the different between lover and friends?

A friend can be a lover and a lover can be 'just' friends! Sexual intercourse is involved with a lover, mental and emotional intercourse are more the realm of a friend. Hence, the categories need not be mutually exclusive!

How do I make a friend into a lover?

You can turn a friend into a lover by proposing them. The proposal should be good enough to impress the other person.

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A lover (sexual) is a conditional relationship, where a best friend (Platonic) is, or should be an unconditional relationship.

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Ed Lover is an actor, radio personality, rapper and musician. Currently there is no information provided to the public of his relationships.

Is it possible to dream about your soulmate?

AnswerAnything is possible, but I do believe people that dream about a person or 'something' a faceless lover in their dreams are simply craving to meet someone that will love them for who they are.AnswerAbsolutely yes ! I have received hundreds of dreams that I would classify as soulmate dreams, some of which I included in my book Divine Complement. Some dreams were announcing a soulmate's arrival years before hand and it wasn't until the dreamer met their soulmate that they remembered the dream. Of course, not all mystery lovers who show up in a dream can be considered a soulmate reaching out to you. Some are merely the lover archetype fulfilling the dreamer's deep wish to be loved and in someone's arms.

Does Kiba likes Hinata?

As a friend, yes, but as a lover, no.

What does Apollo take from Achilles?

His friend and lover Patroklus.

Etymological meaning of philosophy?

philosophy from Greek &phi;&iota;&lambda;&omicron;&sigma;&omicron;&phi;&#943;&alpha; < &phi;&#943;&lambda;&omicron;&sigmaf;+ &sigma;&omicron;&phi;&#943;&alpha;&phi;&#943;&lambda;&omicron;&sigmaf; [feelos]= friend, lover&sigma;&omicron;&phi;&#943;&alpha; [sofeea] = wisdomSo philosophy = "wisdom friend/lover"

How do you know if a guy likes you as a friend or lover?

Be honest, and ask him.

Did finnick ever like Katniss?

As a lover: no. As a friend: yes.

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Iza Duffus Hardy has written: 'Friend And Lover V2' 'Oranges and Alligators' 'Friend and lover' 'A broken faith' 'A woman's triumph' 'Glencairn'

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She doesn't have one lover, she actually has two, however she holds Kaname Kuran closer in her heart. Her other lover is Zero Kiryu, her childhood friend.

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How they introduce them. Friend: "This is my friend, so and so" Lover: "This is my, um, friend, so and so"

What is a Gay lover?

"lover" is an outdated term for a same-sex partner. Prior to the 21st Century, gay relationships had no legal or social recognition, and the terminology to describe these relationships usually had taboo or sexual connotations, such as lover. Other terms were extremely euphemistic and vague, such as companion or gentleman-friend.Today these terms have been replaced by the following:partnerspousehusbandwifeboyfriendgirlfriendOther newer terms are also sometimes used, such as:wifeband (for a gender-nonconforming partner)husbear (for a male partner who identifies with bear culture)

Is it write to have a friend as a lover?

no it is not write, it is printed in ink and published in magazine