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Call DCA's Consumer Information Center toll-free for additional information. The Center accepts calls in English, Spanish, and more than 100 other languages.

Call DCA's Consumer Information Center toll-free at 1-800-952-5210. In the Sacramento area call (916) 445-1254.

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Q: Can your car be repossessed if you are only 14 days late with a payment also in California does a small used car lot need a license to repo a car?
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Suzette, what are the details on your purchase? Such as what state? One reason for repo before ist payment due is a person didnt qualify for the financing deal offered. Maybe a small detail got left out. Or a large detail. Its obvious that dealers WANT to move cars. So they will do a LOT to make the deal go thru. For them to repo asap, theres about 2 reasons. the obvious, you didnt qualify OR they screwed up. If it's #1. oh well you tried. If #2. OH BOY, call your or any attorney. JACKPOT.

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no you do not get to puchase the vehicle before it is auctioned the loan company will have tried to contact you to make the payment it would then be up to you to get the car from the other person by way of repossessing it yourself through small claims court

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