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There are so many potential scenarios in this situation.

Are you wishing to insure it via the daughter because she has a better record, thus better rates? That would, of course, be considered fraud, and is not advised. Additionally, they are going to rate the policy based on all drivers in the house, so the rates may not improve anyway.

Does the daughter live in the same residence? Most other family members would also be covered, IN MOST CASES WITH MOST COMPANIES, but most also require a DMV check on each driver in the house. The company can also list a specific 'named driver exclusion'. I.E. Seventeen year old Johnny has already received three violations; carrier will continue coverage but require a named exclusion for Johnny. They will cover NO accidents or incidents in which Johnny is the driver.

If she is NOT in the house, is not a regular driver of the insured vehicle, and has no legal relationship to the vehicle financially, but is better able to meet the financial obligation of the premiums, then you should simply have her give the monies to you each month.

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Q: Can your daughter provide insurance for a car if the loan and the registration are in your name?
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If you are on a vehicles lien is it required to be on the registration and insurance as well Tampa FL?

MORE DETAILS My wife and I are both on a loan for our vehicle but I have a 2nd vehicle I use and she uses the one under the lien Currently we both are on the registration and insurance To make insurance rate more affordable for us can I remove myself from the reg and ins even though I am on the lien.

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When you take a loan out on a car, the company that loans you the money requires you to carry insurance to cover the loss of the vehicle in an accident. If you do not provide them with information, or do not carry insurance, they will get insurance for you, and charge you the cost.

Is the cosigner of a student loan responsible to repay the balance of the loan if the student dies?

Most Loans Have An Insurance On The Person The Loan Is Made Out To. Check This Out, Get A Copy Of The Contract. If There Is Life Insurance AOn The Person That You Cosigned For, Then The Loan Should Be Paid Off By Insurance On Loan GOOD LUCK

Can you report your car stolen even if the person with the car owns it with you?

Whoever's name is on the registration is the legal owner. If the person is co-signer on a loan, your spouse, guarantor on the loan, or named on the registration or insurance policy, then you might be charged yourself with filing a false report. You may be able to report the incident as "unauthorized use of a motor vehicle" instead of theft.

Can you take out a car loan and add someone to registration For example you do not have the best credit so your fiance gets a car loan Can he then add your name to the registration?

Yes, in most states.

Do you have to pay for loan if parent died with no insurance on loan?

The estate must resolve the loan.

Who pays remainder of loan when car is totaled?

It depends. if you have GAP insurance, the insurance company will pay the payoff amount. If you do not have GAP insurance, it is the holder of loan's responsibility to pay off the complete open loan regardless of the amount paid by the insurance company.

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Can someone one be put on the registration and not on the loan?

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It is often better to be through an insurance agency, often times a dealer will provide you with an insurance agent.

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