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There is no such thing as a urinary yeast infection, but your dog can get a urinary tract infection. As for yeast infections, I'm not sure.

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Q: Can your dog get urinary yeast infection?
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Can you have a urinary tract infection and yeast infection at the same time?

Yes, you can, because the UTI is caused by a bacteria, and the yeast infection is caused by a strain of yeast.

Can having yeast be a cause of urinary tract infections?

Yes, in some cases having a yeast infection can cause urinary tract infections.

Does it hurt when you have a yeast infection?

I've never had pain associated with a yeast infection. You might have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI or bladder infection) in which case it hurts when you pee. You need to get prescription medication for that.

Can a urinary tract infection be a sign of pregnancy?

Probably not . Probably just a routine UTI, or perhaps a yeast infection.

Can dog yeast infection transfer to human?

Yes they can.

Can a dog give a human yeast infection?

Yes They can.

What makes a dog urinate frequently?

urinary track infection

What is it when your dog pees blood?

Could be Urinary Tract Infection

Will cranberries cure a female dog's urinary tract infection?


What does it mean if a male burned once during peeing?

You may have a urinary tract infection or yeast infection. You may take over the counter cranberry capsules or tablets or even cranberry juice for the urinary tract infection. For the yeast infection you should see a doctor. Either way, see a doctor.

Does your wee smell of wheat because you eat bread?

Are you sure it smells of wheat and not yeast? That could be because you have a yeast infection in your urinary tract!

What is in dog rawhide bones?

will it hurt a small dog with a yeast infection to have a rawhide bone

Can a urinary tract or yeast infection affect pregnancy test?

No it can not. The bacteria will not change the hormone levels in a pregnancy.

Why has your dog green pee?

Possibly a urinary tract infection. Take your dog to the vet for antibiotics, urinary tract infections are very painful. Go get your dog checked.

Why is your dog bleeding when she urinates?

The dog may have a urinary tract infection. It is best to get the dog to a vet as soon as possible.

Can a human get a yeast infection from a dog?

Only if it's a Saint Beernard. :)

How long do you get rid of yeast infection if you drink cranberry juice?

Cranberry juice is for a urinary tract infection (recent studies show this may not really have an effect.) For a yeast infection you need to get medication, Monostat is an over the counter cure.

Can you give your dog ciprofloxacin for a urinary track infection?

If it's made for humans, no.

What would cause a dog to leak urine?

An UTI (urinary tract infection).

What diseases does Echinacea treat?

Upper respiratory tract infections, boils, wounds, urinary infection, yeast infection, fevers, hemorrhoids, pyorrhea and gingivitis.

Can a dog get yeast infection from licking another dog's ears?

The yeast organisms are waiting for the proper conditions to grow. They are already in the dog's ears. They are in your ears, too. They are everywhere.

What are the symptoms of dog with a severe urinary tract infection?

It may be painful for the dog to pee, and in some cases the dog will have fever

Can brewer's yeast in dog food cause a yeast infection in dogs ears?

Sometimes it depends on the type of dog, you would have to talk to your vet or a specialist

Brown discharge but not pregnant?

If you are certain you are not pregnant, there is a possibility of a urinary tract infection as this can result in brown discharge. Another possibililty is a yeast infection or your being is about to arrive.

Why does your urine hurt?

Burn? If so it could be a UTI(Urinary Tract Infection) Or possibly an STD, or just a yeast infection! I'd get it checked out! Good luck!